Goodbye to Spider-Man Podcast

Spiderman_CoverA promising podcast called “Spider-Man Podcast” is closing up shop after 19 episodes. Rick Dean was the host and he recently gave a nice shout out to me and JR on his last episode.  Click on this link to listen to the episodes. You can also hear the goodbye two minute episode below where he says some very nice things about our show. Rick has a new project coming up so be sure to look for that soon. 


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  1. Big Al

    This is very sad news and but, as cruel as this sounds, I'm actually relieved because at first glance I thought you meant the Crawlspace podcast

  2. hornacek

    Reads headline, "Goodbye to Spider-Man Podcast" ... gets up off floor after fainting, reads rest of the article, exclaims "Don't DO that to me Brad!"

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