Spider-Art #122

tumblr_ms4mstUAO61rae7ibo1_500  Pat Olliffe, famous for Untold Tales of Spider-Man and Spider-Girl, penciled this comic book adaptation of Spider-Man 2, where the final scene has a nod to ASM#42.

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  1. Donovan Grant - Post author

    LOL actually it's been mentioned a few times on the show that that's what the name Ditkovitch was referring to.

  2. Matt Byrd

    Hey ALL Crawlspacers, I'm just as much a huge fan as anyone of ol Peter Parker and Mary Jane Jane relationships as the next fan of Spidey is. (Darn you to heck Mr. Q), I had seen this art panel from Mr. Grant just yesterday before leaving for work so I didn't get read it, but I have this in my spider comic collection as any true fan would. Still when I read the word balloon of what Mr. Peter Parker is saying as he is studying hard for his next collage exam something suddenly "WOWED ME" and I think no true SPIDER-FAN'S caught it before and what is it your asking yourself right? Well Sam Rami the movie's director put a nod to Steve Ditko the very first illustrator of the character in the film even though, Mister Ditko is a recluse attention getter in real life. By naming his Landlord Mr. Ditkovich from in the first two SPIDER-MAN films. Pretty neat that no has ever caught this huh?

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