Spider-Memories # 108

PPTSSM79_End3This classic scene from Peter Parker:the Spectacular Spider-Man #80 seems appropriate now.

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  2. Big Al

    @15-Whoops. Looks like I dropped my Crazy Town Banana Pants.Well the Aussie's were British once upon a time

  3. hornacek

    @14 - you said you were replying to #8 but it read like you were responding to my comment in #9. If so, I get all my Australian accent info from the same sources as most people: Crocodile Dundee, the Simpsons, and 80s battery commercials.

  4. Big Al

    @#8-I simply must ask are you going for an Australian or cockney London accent there? I am from one yet not the latter@#13-Superior keeps waking me up due to the smell

  5. AmFan15

    That entire arc was one of my personal favorite Spidey stories of all time. Ock had the detonator to a nuclear bomb, the Owl had the bomb itself. In the Kingpin's own words (from PPTSSM #75): "The Owl intends to use the bomb for blackmail. Octopus intends to use it...PERIOD." Hell, the Kingpin even admits to Spidey that he is fleeing New York because he's afraid of Octopus!And only Spidey and the Black Cat can stop him...but not without a cost. Awesome stuff...one of the best.

  6. Big Al

    @#4-What I meant by 'loser' was not that he was a bad villain or not a bad ass in this story. What I meant was that, like many other villains, he was revealed to be a weak, pathetic ill-adjusted individual. Were he not this way, he wouldn't be a villain, he wouldn't have given into his demons, hence why Spider-Man is ultimately the better man. I never meant it as 'he is a loser' in the same way we'd describe like the Kangaroo as as a loser.

  7. hornacek

    @4 - Agreed. Ock was such a threat in that storyline that in the penultimate issue, Spidey took an entire issue to go around and say good-bye to all of his friends and family because he thought there was a good chance he might die in his battle with Doc Ock. When has THAT happened since?

  8. Mike 13

    @3 - read Spidey's words again... "You are the deadliest , most dangerous foe I've ever faced"...Hardly a loser.

  9. Big Al

    Ah, back when Spidey was actually a bad ass and Ock was ultimately the piece of s*** loser he's always been

  10. hornacek

    Oh, hells ya! Despite the misstep of the Deb Whitman goodbye issue (thanks J.R.), this was an incredible run of Mantlo on Spec. You really felt that this was the end-all, be-all battle between these two. And Spidey totally put Ock in his place. I guess Slott forgot this issue when he wrote Superior #9 (sorry, I couldn't resist).@1 - right, and this fear also inadvertently caused the death of Reed and Sue's second baby because Ock saw a Daily Bugle billboard with Spidey on it and freaked out. Man, the last page of that FF issue is probably the biggest punch-in-the-gut last page of a comic I've ever read. Well, at least she got better years later.

  11. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    Very appropriate, D. i remember after that battle, Ock's fear of Spider-Man lasted for years. So much so that during the Secret Wars he totally kept clear of Spidey.

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