Happy 86th Birthday Steve Ditko

A big happy birthday to Spider-Man’s co-creator Steve Ditko. I got busy on Saturday and missed posting this, but every year he needs a shout out for his contribution to Spider-Man. One of my favorite Spider-Man writers is J.M. DeMatteis and he recently shared a story about meeting him for the first time.

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    I want to personally thank Mr. Steve Ditko for Inspiring me to to set a goal. Thanks To God and a lot of hard work and persistance I can draw spidey " 1960"s Style. " I've succeeded in drawing super heroes in Ditkoish style. and I've Recomendation Letters erom Joe Kubert and Carmine Infantino. Thank you again Mr. Steve Ditko For The Style Of Encouragement I mean I let my art speak for me. I want to you Wholehaertedly a happy belated 86th BIRTHDAY. THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH I AM SINCERELY GREATFULL Mr. Steve Ditko. In closing I would like to say " MAY THE PEACE AND GRACE OF GOD, BE ALL AROUND YOU AND WITHIN. "

  2. CrazyChris

    Actually, tact IS required on this site. The forum rules state:"We ask that you be as polite as possible to others around you. We all have our opinions, we all have our beliefs on things. Please be civil, intelligent conversation is necessary for this board to be a good board."Outright calling another poster's religion "imaginary" is obviously not being "as polite as possible" regarding a person's "beliefs on things." If you had said thank science for Steve Ditko, and then he came in and corrected you that it was God that created Steve Ditko and went on to say your science was imaginary, then I'd have said the same thing to him. We can express our beliefs and coexist. We cannot be bashing each other's views without civility.It has also been the practice on this board to warn people for arguing with admins in open (as opposed to via PM) regarding the rules. Just saying.Of course, sometimes someone is one warning away from being banned, and as an admin you get into that difficult situation where you don't want to give a third warning and ban a longtime poster over something that should be a non-issue that we could just move on and learn from . . .

  3. Irishlad

    As was the post I commented on. I don't think tact is required -- offence is taken never given. Thanking an imaginery person for Steve Ditko also stretches things...

  4. CrazyChris

    Let's be more tactful than that when debating theological issues, Irishlad. Also, this is a thread about Steve Ditko's birthday, and I think the "did God or science create Steve Ditko" debate is stretching the scope of the topic.

  5. SamualSpyder

    Hey, let's take this special occasion as an opportunity to bash Stan Lee yet again. *yawn*.Somewhere God is smiling and saying: "Sure, Steve Ditko co-created Spider-Man, but I created Ditko all by myself. And thank God I did!"Thank you, God, for Steve Ditko.

  6. Irishlad

    Nice to see a few more comments but surely tehre should be tons of them? This is worth watching again as Jonathan Ross walks Stan into a corner... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4z7xuDhMeg

  7. Danbbqman

    Happy Birthday Mr. Ditko. Thank for the greatest comic book creation-ever! The entire industry owes you a giant salute!!!

  8. BD

    Yeah it's kinda sad the co-creator of Spidey only gets a few well wishes in the comment section. Granted he won't read them but...

  9. Matt Byrd

    Hey Bard, I myself just put out my own birthday wishes to Steve on my own site. I think it's a real shame that people within any business depending on what business it is aren't shown more love just for being themselves. I had happen to used panel six of what you have here in my own posting as well. I do wonder if Ditko had stayed through how would Spider-Man have moved forward......would the Green Goblin in his mind would have been Johna Jameson his regular day job boss I just wonder? Happy 86th Birthday to the young man who first drew Peter Parker standing in a corner of Midtown High school in the opening page of the always classic SPIDER-MAN story from AMAZING FANTASY # 15.

  10. Irishlad

    Happy birthday to Spider-Man's creator. I'm amazed there's only been a comment or two. Goes to show how much damage Stan lee has done in terms of credits.

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