Superior Spider-Man #20 Vidcast review

After a few weeks off, I sit down to review Superior Spider-Man #20. While I love the artwork it can’t save what I feel is the most frustrated use of story lines and comics vs. real world situations in a comic book. Even my laundry machine buzzes at the dissertation defense.

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  1. ryan3178 - Post author

    What's worse is the fact that you don't have to be a graduate student or even in college. You can google a dissertation or defense of thesis on youtube or even check your local colleges. They have open invitations all the time and you are set. It's called research, I was just so angered by how it was done. As Otto learned earlier in the year, Peter was just a credit short and thesis defense and proposal. Believe it or not there are lots of people who have PhD's or EdD's and then end up getting caught in a scandel or something else and then can't even get a good paying job as a result. The idea should have been have Otto complete it and then Lamoz call out copying Otto's work and while he completed his PhD using unpublished work (which is easy to get around in all senses) it would have ruined Peter's idenitity in the science community even though he has the highest of degrees because that does happen in the real world all the time and would have worked in the MU easily. Several times many readers have said: "Peter has a Master's in science, why does he have problems finding 'good work'. People have advance degrees and end up blacklisted due to no fault of their own and that will still play into the "parker luck".

  2. Michael

    Very nice review! Love the part about the dissertation. Again Slott is more concerned with plottwists than realism. I'd give this issue a D-though.

  3. Enigma_2099

    @#3 New to this site, are you? Let's just say that if Black Cat had a comic, I would have stopped buying that one too. You really think I'm as stupid as the supporting cast Slott's writing?

  4. Zap327

    Really ? Y'all following a murdering bastard but you have problems with Felicia because she is a thief ? REALLY ??

  5. ryan3178 - Post author

    Oh, I think both Spider-Man and Anya's beat down of Screwball and the Jester the last two years was spot on. You have characters like that who do their crimes for money and 15 minutes of fame but they always get the "just don't do it again." When in the real world they would be beaten as they were. Black Cat has been moved to that thief that does it for the thrill more. I was more happy when she did it as part of her PI office or when she did it to criminals and returned the money or items to the real owners or trying to bankrupt them. It's just how Felicia reacted to Spider-Man after he knocked out her tooth and left her there.

  6. Enigma_2099

    I knew something was up when you started out with the artwork as your first pro. I'd say you're still being too kind to the book, but hell, I'd rank it as high as a B just for the scene with Catwo... I mean Black Cat. No, I'm not championing violence against women... but she's a thief. I don't care how hot or screwable she is, she's still acriminal. And Spider-Man has dealt with criminals that have done less. It's about time she stopped getting a free pass.

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