Spider-Girls # 64


Celebrating ladies who love Spidey and evidently the year 2099. 

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  1. Steerpike

    It's a Red and Black variant of the Future Foundation suit. I know because I'm friends with the cosplayer, Ryan Turney.

  2. Kevin Cushing

    That doesn't look a thing like the stealth suit to me. The spider was much more segmented and it didn't have that big red area on the side (though to be fair, Miles doesn't either.)Looking closer, the thing it actually looks most like to me is a black (or dark blue?) and red version of the Future Foundation costume. The spider symbol matches and it's the only thing I know that has that big area of color on the side (black on the FF suit, red here).Here's a reference of both stealth and FF (and Iron Spider, because I didn't create the image, just found it!): http://i.stack.imgur.com/yT1rS.jpg

  3. Will

    Wow, all the wrong guesses on which costume this is. It is the Stealth Suit, the one that Kaine currently owns as Scarlet Spider.

  4. JT

    Yeah that's a Miles costume. And god damn this is probably the hottest MJ yet!@2: Lol Carlie Cooper gets ZERO cosplay love. I wonder why? She's such a snappy dresser! *sarcasm*

  5. herbiepopnecker

    And yet another MJ type (yay!). Which raises the question, as anyone ever bothered to do a Carlie Cooper cosplay?

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