Gene Simmons Offered Green Goblin Musical Role

Gene Simmons recently sent out a tweet that he’s up for the Green Goblin role.I’m guessing Alice Cooper turned down the role. 

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  1. Madgoblin

    I'm familiar with Simmons' manner of dress during a concert. If you look at Kiss's recent tour schedules, I still think they are less intense than an 8 show a week Broadway schedule, sometimes 2 shows a day on as many as 3 days a week. Reeve Carney had to be spelled as Spider-Man a couple of shows a week and he was a lot younger than Simmons. And to have him do the role on a part time basis would run counter to the reason for hiring him in the first place, particularly at what he would charge. If they were going to give Alice Cooper $125,000 a week, Simmons would command more...

  2. Robert Barth

    @MadGoblin : Have you seen what Gene Simmons wears onstage with KISS? He'd be more than fine in that outfit for a few hours a night... ;-)

  3. Enigma_2099

    @#3My guess... they're banking on bringing in the remaining KISS fans to milk off of at this point.

  4. MadGoblin

    I can understand the appeal of having big names like Cooper and Simmons play the Goblin, particularly considering that grosses have seriously sagged...but from a practical aspect, both men, even though they are probably in good shape for their age, either already are or will be 65 years old within a year - and doing up to 8 shows a week, particularly in that costume would take a toll on a man half that age.

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