New Amazing Spider-Man 2 images

The Times of India has scored three new pictures from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. It looks like Spidey is going to help the fire department in the movie. What are your thoughts? 

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  1. spiderfreak

    @#7 Spidey's humor has never been seen as "Zany" to me, not ever in any issue, unless you want to go by the kind of humor Marvel seems to be pulling with the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon show....... ugh@#9 You hit the nail right on the head

  2. RDMacQ

    @#7- That in no way states anything about the movie. It's ONE image. I think that the Raimi/ McGuire films captured Peter's character just fine. True, they didn't rely much on the humor aspect. But they still got to the heart of the character with his motivations and his action. Sure, he wasn't a joke a minute. But it still felt "True" to the character.Spidey in a fire hat in no way says "This gets him better than those films." It just says something wacky will probably happen at one point.

  3. Erik Lexie

    #7: The idea that Spider-Man's sense of humor is "zany" is exactly the problem I have with how it's written now, but I couldn't disagree more that it's how the character's tone has been traditionally.This sounds like it's coming from the "crazy town banana pants" school of thought. Which is the same school of thought that says a lot of things going way back to the beginning of BND, like that Peter is too much of a moron to be a good driver or that he can be tricked into thinking he's drunk with apple juice.Peter's sense of humor is witty, sarcastic and flippant, not this wacky hero who somehow saves the day despite his goofiness routine.Basically, I'm expecting to love ASM2 based on the first one, but I doubt I will find it particularly funny when he ends up wearing this hat. I want more like "you've found my weakness! Small knives!"

  4. Aziz

    The Daily Bugle banner is down Maybe the Daily Bugle will fall, similar to the DB in Electro's part of the gauntletThe hat pic, it looks Ditko-ish, Spidey wore a hat in Amazing Spider-Man 037

  5. JT

    @6: It catches Peter's zany sense of humor which borders on silly sometimes much more effectively than Raimi/Maguire ever did. And was actually talking about both the Spider-Fireman AND the Peter/Gwen stills in my previous post.

  6. JT

    Also, current comics Mary Jane is gonna wet her panties when she sees Spidey dressed as a fireman. *wink wink*

  7. JT

    Just going by the visuals, this leads me to believe that Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield have a firmer grip on the true tone of the franchise and character than Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire ever had.

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