Spider-Art #134

tumblr_mvwupkFviZ1qhpx4lo1_1280  The Larsen era! As illustrated by the man himself!

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  1. Blazeatron

    Wow! I didn't even know that Larsen did any artwork posters like this. It looks amazing! And I agree with AmFan15 that the white suit is Doc Ock's best costume.

  2. tickbite

    Nah. I can see why they chose him to replace McFarlane. Both of their illustrations lack depth as even the stuff in the background is so full of detail. Look at MJ's hair!But what I really never understood was the 3D webbing. I think on one of the Spidey DVDs there was an interview with Todd McFarlane where he explained why he added this extra dimension to the webbing. But in Larsen's picture it's got no purpose. There's just one loose strand of webbing circling around the main strands. Why would it do that?! It's less realistic (ha!) and to me at least looks worse than what Romita Sr had.

  3. AmFan15

    I always dug the way Doc Ock looked in his black and white outfit, which (I think) Larsen came up with. I always thought it was easily his best outfit. It made him look both suave and incredibly dangerous at the same time.

  4. Big Al

    I'm sorry guys....I really never liked his stuff. He gave Venom the tongue so kudos there but he was far from the best guy to draw it

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