Daily Archives: November 14, 2013

  • Superior Spider-Man #21 Vidcast Review

    After the previous two issues, I am very happy with the latest issue of Superior Spider-Man. Marking the return of Stunner and finally moving the Goblin Nation subplot along. Even if Carlie Cooper is lacking in intelligence.

  • Spider-Memories # 111

    What is Peter and Mary Jane’s song? The one on the left is from Amazing Spider-Man # 153. The one on the right is from Amazing Spider-Man 428. Either way, they seem to like 1970s hits. Thanks to Bertone for these. 

  • Superior Spider-Man #21 (The Chris Concurrence)

    It’s time for you to read the truth about Superior Spider-Man #21. And remember to post a comment. THE SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #21 WRITER: Dan Slott PENCILER: Giuseppe Camuncoli INKER: John Dell COLOR ART: Antonio Fabela LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos   PLOT POINTS: Stunner attacks SpOck, thinking him responsible for Otto’s…