My Life as a Comic Book Reader Kickstarter Campaign

Hello everyone as many of you know, I have been reading and collecting comics for over 30 years. About six years ago during a very difficult time in my life. I was going through my long boxes of comic books when an idea came to me. I quickly started writing and before I knew it I had the outline for a book. Over the next few years I slowly started crafting it and earlier this year, three people helped to bring my story to life. With Brad permission, I am posting my Kickstarter campaign for my original all-ages graphic novel, My Life as a Comic Book Reader. The book is halfway finished and almost ready to go. So the risks are pretty small! The only remaining thing needed is the funds to get the book printed. The amount needed is to cover book printing, rewards and shipping. You can follow the link to Kickstarter to see the rest of the story. If you remember earlier this year, I sold my copy of Avengers #1 to help fund the money to pay my artist for this book. This is the next stage of seeing the book published. Thanks for looking and spread the word or contribute if you can. Thank you so much. You can find the project at: