Spider-Man Musical To Close in January

alg-spider-man-broadway-jpgThe New York Times is reporting that the Spider-Man musical in New York will close on January 4th. The article says it will close due to investors upset about the musical always being in the red. It’s projected that the musical will have lost 60 million dollars in it’s three year run.  The musical has taken in more than $200 million dollars, but the huge operating expenses have prevented it from making a profit. The musical is allegedly headed to Las Vegas. It also blames the music by Bono and the Edge for it’s failure. 


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  1. jpd13

    This is too bad. It just never could overcome the costs and issues it had early on. I've seen it and although it's flawed it's a pretty entertaining show. I live in the NY area and many people I know have seen it. Almost all have had positive things to say about it.The U2 music (which in full disclosure is one of my favorite bands) is uneven although a couple of the songs I think are very good (Boy Falls from the Sky, Say it now, Rise Above)

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