Spider-Art #136

sinister-six-by-alex-ross-10This image of the Sinister Six by Alex Ross is so awesome! I’d buy a poster of this in a heartbeat. It’s now my wallpaper.

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  1. Mycroftian

    @4 I don't think it was that they were cheaper so much as that Spider-Man's red-blue looked a lot more dynamic matched up against those colors. In general, if you look at classic heroes you tend to find a lot of primary colors, with villains taking on secondary colors. Spidey is one of the more blatant examples with so many green villains (take a look at a cover gallery of the Ditko issues sometime! tons and tons of green), but there are plenty of others. Thor vs Loki; Captain America vs Baron Zemo, Strucker, HYDRA goons; Fantastic Four vs Mole Man, Doctor Doom, Annihilus, Galactus. The list goes on.

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