New ASM2 Poster features Electro, Rhino and the Green Goblin


Bleeding Cool has reported images of this new official poster which has yet to be officially released. Still, someone on a glider is clearly in view. With Norman and Harry cast in the movie, which one could it be? 

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  1. JollyJovialJonahs

    If you look at the top right, is that the Goblin on the screen? It looks more comic book costume than power ranger goblin. Also, is the Amazing Spider-Man movie game in continuity? The Rhino should look more Rhino ish not a transformer robot. That could be a spider slayer.

  2. SamK

    Yeah seen this picture earlier, and heard it was at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas. I have an Air Force friend (retired) that lives in Vegas still, and asked him if he was close to this Casino, and he said he works pretty close to it, and if he got a chance he'd stop by and check it out. And send me pics if he sees it at the Theater there. I think it's legit, but we'll see. I'm sure better quality photos will show up soon, and if my friend comes thru for me, I'll post them up here for you all.Keep On Thwipin'!!! Sam

  3. Xingken

    Is this truly real? I find it suspicious that this is the only picture of the "official" poster that exists.

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