Official Amazing Spider-Man 2 Posters

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We’ve seen sneak peeks, but Sony has officially released these three movie posters. What are your thoughts?

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  1. parabolee

    I think it's pretty clear that the Goblin is being played by Dane DeHaan and is Harry Osborn and nor Norman. That's a shame. Also look at this image, is this Harry changing into the Goblin?

  2. Web-Head

    @ #1, Rhino isn't remote controlled- he's inside there. There were set pictures of Paul Giamatti in the pre-CG Rhino rig yelling a bunch of things at Spidey. He can open up the cockpit and you can see him inside there. I'm thinking he will be able to stand on the back two legs then as well. The four legs thing is for charging. Rhino looks awesome!

  3. Matthew

    Interesting interpretations. I wonder from the look of Rhino of it is supposed to be a remote-controlled "battle robot" rather than a man in a suit (as in, Paul Giamatti's character controls the "Rhino bot"). It doesn't look like something a human would wear, though I think it looks good.Is Green Goblin flying without a mask? It's a distant shot, but it looks like a man without a mask.After Spider-Man 3, I wonder if three villains in a movie can work. Since Electro looks like the primary villain, maybe he does most of the heavy lifting, with a limited role for the Rhino, and Green Goblin hanging around the edges?

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