Spider-Toys #4

1463087_10152039587025831_391042480_n  Christmas is just around the corner! Get your kiddies a special gift in this out of date 90s show Spidey-Santa and Mary Jane Claus!

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  1. Steve Rogers

    I hate to sound like Comic Book Guy, but I don't think this was meant as part of the show's line, but part of the regular Toy Biz Line.I could be wrong of course =;)

  2. Kevin Cushing

    I totally had this back in the day! Awesome! (I was a sucker for any Spidey 90s show figures as a kid.)

  3. hornacek

    How do we know this Spidey is a "holiday special Spidey"? Because of his giant belt buckle and Black Cat type fuzzy boots.

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