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  1. hornacek

    They dissect the trailer scene by scene on ( They talk about a lot of things we've already mentioned, but one of the ones that hasn't been mentioned here is the shot of the room in the subterranean basement with doors labelled 1-6 (there are screenshots in the EW article), lending more credence to a Sinister Six storyline. Although the article says one of the SS' original members is "Mysterious".

  2. WebbedSentry

    If they can balance it out, this movie could be epic. But still a solid trailer. It's nice to see Harry as the Goblin and it seems like Norman is egging him on which is an interesting twist.Roll on next year.

  3. Big Al

    Bit surprised there will be 3 villains int his but it looks awesome regardless and excited if Ock and Vulture show up. they're totally doing sinsiter six

  4. hornacek

    They could have easily renegotiated everyone's contracts for another movie(s) before starting SM3. And by "easily" I mean "involving lots of agents and lawyers and money" but it was possible. I remember hearing during pre-production (or maybe production) that they were thinking of splitting the movie in two. After seeing it I wish I had - I don't hate it but it's just too much story shoved into one movie. Here's hoping that does not happen with ASM2 (Electro, Rhino, Harry, Norman, Oscorp, etc).

  5. hornacek

    @28 - I would rather have the film end with Norman curing himself and getting his powers than actually suiting up and doing anything as the Goblin - leave that for the next movie. That's how I would have rather had Venom in SM3 - do the film with Sandman as the villain but end the film with Peter rejecting the symbiote and Venom being born. "THE END". That's an ending that makes you say "damn, I can't wait for SM4!"

  6. deaadpool9507

    @26 I agree about holding the green goblin as a cliffhanger for the next movie like have him pop up at Peter Parkers school or home at a in convently moment like sat the end of a major boss fight where spiderman got his butt kicked and end the movie there

  7. deaadpool9507

    @24 didn't even click that the goblin was probly harry not Osborn but still would like to see the hulk-goblin just for something different from the first set of movies also think it would work better than suit goblin because of how the lizard was done and think rhino should be the main marvel not sure of what exectly its called its earth 616 aint it any ways instead of the ultimate universe rhino

  8. hornacek

    Oh HELLS YEAH!@2 - I'm sure Kevin had a bad reaction to the Vulture being introduced into this movie universe. Wait, maybe it wasn't kevin that hated the Vulture - which podcast member was it? Was it Don? Didn't someone say he reminded them of Herbert on Family Guy?@18 - I did notice one scene where he's in costume with Gwen but his mask is off. I just hope the final battle with Electro doesn't involve him taking off his mask and trying to appeal to Max's sense of decency as Peter Parker.As for the various posts about Norman, we see that quick shot of Chris Cooper in bed, and they said in the last movie that Norman is dying so unless he gets cured by Globulin Green he probably won't be walking around much in this movie. I wouldn't mind if that happens in this one but hold it to the end and make it a cliffhanger.

  9. Mycroftian

    @24 No reason they couldn't still do that for Norman if they wanted. And no, I'm not upset at all. Pretty psyched, actually.

  10. Aziz

    @13: Forget those, CGI looks like video game CGI never looked anything less than video game visuals, I'm not sure why I'm complaining@18: Has his mask on, until a boss fight comes in If either one of Electro or Rhino know anything about the guy under the mask beside him being wanted by Oscorp, I'm boycotting the sequels, and won't watch any other Spider-Man movie until they change that stupid habitWhat villain knew Superman is Clark Kent in one of his movies?

  11. PunyParker

    The man walking by the Ock arms and Vulture wings is the Gentelman....remember the guy who formed the Sin Six for the first time?!....yah Also he's the man in the shadows.@13 CG is videogamey.....bad

  12. B-Mask

    A lot of it looked excellent and I am hyped- but it does seem to be a Sony pre-requisite to have the Goblin look as stupid as possible in every movie.I mean part of the reason the original design still works is that it's not afraid to be the as out there as possible. The movie designs always feel like some kind of marketing compromise.

  13. Donovan Grant

    Know what the best part of the trailer seems to be?In every action sequence, Spider-Man has his mask on.

  14. WKB

    To be honest, it doesn't impress me. Yes, the trailer is action pack, but ASM first trailer was action pack too. I found ASM boring. I will wait and see in theaters before going all on-board for this "realistic vision" of Spider-man.I do have have to say the Rino-bot transformer is silly.

  15. George Berryman

    Fans in 2002: "Spider-Man rocks! That CGI was awesome!" Fans in 2012: "Thank God they're doing less CGI, amirite?" Fans in 2013: "That CGI looks awesome!"8)

  16. SpiderVenom

    This trailer is awesome, a little on the CG side at times but one can hope it will be AMAZING. I wish it was May already, so stoked, watched the trailer 5 times already.

  17. AmFan15

    I didn't like the first one, but this trailer has me officially stoked for this looks INCREDIBLE! I've watched it three times now!I love that they fixed the basketball-skin costume from the first one. That was a big part of what I didn't like about it. The action looks awesome, especially the end when he's fighting Electro. They captured his strength and speed pretty damn well, I'd say. The Doc Ock and Vulture easter eggs were awesome too. The only thing I didn't like was Rhino. He looks a bit dumb, but this is based on the Ultimate comics, not the classic looks about right.'t wait til May!

  18. DCMarvelFanGuy

    @2This was an awesome trailer. However, I don't think that "Man in the shadows" is Norman. Methinks it is the Gentleman. Especially since Marc Webb hinted that last summer and he is someone tied into Peter Parker's parents from the Sinister Six trilogy of novels. I think he will also be the one to "Gather the Sinister SIx." He could be the Nick Fury of the Sony Spidey films, appearing after the credits to recruit a new member. :P

  19. Wes

    Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please don't suck!!

  20. Tyson

    Those Vulture wings. My hopes for no Vulture have been smashed. Was personally hoping for Ock, Mysterio and Kraven in 3.

  21. BD - Post author

    OMG, did you see the Ock arms and Vulture wings that Norman walked by? !?!? Seriously that was freaking awesome.

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