Ock, Vulture, Venom and Morbius teased

Ock-Vulture-TeaseOscorp-ComputerIf you take a closer look at the trailer you’ll see Octopus arms, Vulture wings. You’ll also see on Harry Osborn’s computer a Venom and Dr. Morbius file in these pictures. For us Spider-Geeks this is like crack!

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  1. fantasyfreak

    Wasn´t most of the villains in the spectacular cartoon also Oscorp made? No one seemed to mind it there(that I can recall anyway). Personally, I don´t mind it.

  2. deaadpool9507

    @2 all I saw of morbius is a file which if he is in this earth then it would make sense for a company like oscorp to keep track of him and possible experiment with his dna but I agree it would be dumb to make all enemys oscorp made

  3. Dakins

    So Oscorp is the source for every villian? They seem to be painting themselves into a corner if these are meant to be anything more than a nod to the fanbase. If the Vulture/Morbius/Venom/Ock already exist, or did exist in the past, it doesn't leave room for any origin stories in the future.It will be interesting to see this play out, as all signs point towards the Sinister Six in the next movie.

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