20131207-232948.jpg When I look back at the past year, it’s been interesting. Since this time last year, we’ve seen OCT130677Peter Parker die, Otto take over, Scarlet Spider, Venom and Morbius get cancelled. For an entire year and 22 issues, we’ve not had The Amazing Spider-Man on the shelves for the first time in 50 years. Til now. Join me as we take a look at Amazing Spider Man 701. Err sorry Bertone, 700.1. More after the jump.

Amazing Spider-Man 700.1

Written By: David Morrell
Art by: Klaus Janson
Colors by: Steve Bucellatto
Review by Zach “Spideydude” Joiner



STORY: It’s November in New York. Peter’s tired but he presses on during his patrol. The next day he goes to the bugle to see Jonah. He gets his assignment (which amounts “to go get me pictures you baffon!”) and sees Aunt May. A major snowstorm rolls in. But Peter sleeps through the beginning of it. For once theres no need for Spider-Man, at least he thinks. A fire breaks out and the firemen are having trouble in the weather. The power out is knocked in Queens, Peter worries about May, and while Peter can’t reach her, Spider-Man can. 

20131207-233118.jpg THOUGHTS: First off, I want to say Welcome Back Peter Parker. Because DAMN I missed you.   When this was first advertised, I thought “Eh, this is going to suck. I might pick it up.” I had a fairly light week and on a whim I purchased the issue. And to be honest, I was plesantly surprised. I mean, really surprised. Perhaps its the fact that there isn’t any BS and this is Peter-as-Spider-Man, but I really enjoyed a back-to-basics type story that can fit in at anytime in the history of Spider-Man.  page 2One of the things that has been missing in the Superior Spider-Man is the fact that New York is its own character. Think about it. Its so insane and structured that one of the major parts of Spider-Man lore has been largely ignored or lost since Otto took it over. I get it, Otto isn’t one to smell the roses and he’s too busy being ‘Superior’ to notice the wonder and beauty of the city, that its hard for one to even attempt to focus on it when you have Goblins, Alchemex, Carlie Cooper, MJ and Pedro, and Stunner running around. Who has time to focus on the character of New York when you have a whole island to yourself?! Or your own company to run? Its really too bad because its been the one constant, no matter who donned the costume, whether it be Ben or Mattie or Peter. Its not a huge indictment, but it is the central part of this story and It’s something I enjoy very much. In fact, its the whole best part of the story in my opinion. The parts that focus on the City are outstanding and it made me miss these types of simple stories. It’s not building towards the next “YOU HAVE TO BUY IT” book, its just simple and nice to have a story where you can hand it to someone and not spend 45 minutes explaining the situation. 


After 10 years of the end of the world everything is going to change storytelling, its refreshing to get the story of the urban-ness of Spider-Man. It is sorely lacking over the last few years and I have missed it. On another note I found that this issue is incredibly new-reader-friendly and in that regard, I can’t recommend this highly enough.  While we’ve seen the parallels of Spider-Man suiting up even when he doesn’t want to, it was fun to have the parallel between page 1New York’s finest and Spider-Man. For much of his history Spider-Man because of his urban nature has been compared to the men and women who are first responders who go out and risk everything to protect and serve. While Spider-Man is a Vigilante, and he’s not sanctioned by anyone, he still risks his neck for people who do not know him, but know he’s good. Of course, for every saved kitten there is a Jonah who will tear him down, much like he did for his issue when discussing the property damage that Peter’s work as Spider-Man has caused. It’s the catch-22 and the Luck of Parker coming right on out in a natural organic way.  None of the scenes in this issue felt forced and the drama of Aunt May being home alone in this driving storm is only highlighted more by the scenes earlier in the book where Peter visits her. While Peter is fine staying home, he realizes that he must suit up and check on his maternal figure who may be in trouble. Where this does not work is the use of the Spider-Sense, which seems to indicate that Peter is connected to May via that. Its relatively minor but it bears mentioning that it was the only thing that stuck out to me as off about this issue, writing wise. page


Klaus Janson isn’t a stranger to the Marvel Universe, or Spider-Man. He’s inked countless issues and I’ve particularly enjoyed his inks with Jazzy John Romita Jr. (See Lost Years and you’ll know why.) One of his biggest strengths in this issue is how he addresses the city. It’s grim, gritty, and grimy. It isn’t polished, or pretty its magnificently urban and it really does pop at you. However, my biggest con would be his people. I’ve noticed lately with artists who ink themselves in recent issues (I’m looking at Stegman) have been much looser with the inking than at times with tighter inkers. Because Janson did both the pencils and inks, he didn’t ‘clean-up’ the artwork and in my opinion, it only works on the larger scale. When we get to the scenes with Jonah, or Aunt May, the art starts to tighten up, but unfortunately not enough for my tastes. Janson has adopted this ‘loose’ style and in my opinion hampered the Bendis/Romita Avengers run. 


Finally a minor quibble but this numbering BS has got to stop. Making this a point one issue because you want to write issue 701 is dumb dumb dumb. The whole numbering system is a mess and its distracting. Solid issue. Is it worth 3.99? It depends on if you think that Peter should be Spider-Man. Not Doc Ock. If you are a fan of all things Spider-Man, both new and old, you’ll find that this was a refreshing take after a year of the Superior worldview. It’s only part one so let’s hope that it gets even better.


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  2. Michael

    Nice review and I totally agree: New York used as a character in the story is a very important detail that's been lacking in the last year or so, and it's very nice to see Peter Parker in Spidey's tights again. He's the one and only Spider-Man, I find Inferior Spider-Man to be a very soulless comic, to be honest.This issue is a promising first chapter. I am curious about how the story will develop. Two things could have been better in my opinion: 1. Pete's at the Daily Bugle again, great! Would have been nice to have seen more of the old gang like Robbie Robertson and Glory Grant. Since it's the era in which Pete lived on 410 Chelsea Street. Well, maybe they'll be around in next issue. 2. There is a minor continuity error. If this is Pete's apartment on 410 Chelsea, after using the skylight to get in, he would have landed in his bathroom, not the bedroom. But, that's just a small mistake.

  3. AmazingOSUman

    It was nice reading it. I wish marvel had not decided that Pete should be killed off. For me, only Pete is truly Spider-Man. This whole Octo-Mess *sounded* interesting when I first heard of it, but it has come to embody the who "Mary-Sue" phenomenon of so much bad fan-fiction. I used to long for the day it would end, but it seems to be selling, so I think it is going to end up being a permanent change.I bought 700.1 as soon as I read your review, and I will buy the rest of the story. But as for "The Superior Spider-Ock," I gave up around issue 14, and I think it likely I will never bother with it again.I think the "What if" story where the kingpin's assassin killed MJ, and Pete went to the prison to kill the Kingpin, and then waited to be arrested and stand trial . . . that was a fitting and respectful end to Spider-Man and his story. Anything in the current 616 universe post Pete being defeated by Mephisto . . . forget it. I no longer feel interested in that.

  4. Big Al

    @#13-How do you know it's the Stern era specifically? I thought he had that apartment for ages before and after Stern?

  5. BD

    I just read the issue and I agree with the B grade. It was well written and enjoyable. I'm looking forward to .2.

  6. Iron Patriot

    Welcome back dude! I wasn't gonna pick this up but you've got me intrigued. Maybe in trade then.And man, you can really see the influence Janson had on JRJR huh?

  7. Big Al

    Welcome back Zach, hope to see more of you. So guys, when do you think this takes place continuity wise?

  8. BD

    Yeah welcome back to the front page. As I look to the left this review is the most popular thing on the site.



  10. Gary

    An issue of Spider-man that didn't make me roll my eyes as I read it. IT felt good to be able to read a Spider-man book without wanting to tear it up. Superior Spider-man is just terrible. Doc Ock has no problems, and when it looks like things are going to start falling apart, Slott yanks the rug and yell, "gotcha! Ock is perfect and superior and I hate you guys so I'm going to make everything always work out for him!" It's good to see a Spider-man who goes out to save the day with no regard to what he wants, even when he feels like hanging it up he gets going on. Doc Ock is made to be "superior" and has no problems. It's boring. Many people think Goblin Nation will be when Ock's world falls apart, but I disagree. It will be when Ock realizes who knows his secrets, he destroys them and all evidence, and the city will love him for it. The plotlines they are setting up with J. Jonah Jameson wanting Spider-Slayers will play out with Jameson getting a "I'm sorry I blackmailed you" note and all will be forgiven. They'll reboot the series with a new #1, this time where Mary Jane and Aunt May knows that Peter is dead and it's Ock in his body, and they'll celebrate by urinating on Peter's grave. And when we all get angry, Slott will say, "hey, I'm doing this because I totes love Peter Parker you guyz!!"

  11. Danbbqman

    Nice review. I really enjoyed this issue. So much nostalgia; Parker worried about Aunt May, Parker wanting a break from his Spider-Man responsibilities, even Parker not feeling well-I loved it! What I found I really missed is that I LIKE Peter Parker. He is a good person. I have enjoyed Superior. The run has been so different from the previous 50 years of Spidey. But, I have had enough. Time to get back to basics and a Spider-Man I can root for.

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