Swarm Day: Needing A Freaky Bee!

“We Got A Man Made Entirely Out Of Mutant Bees–!”

We hope you’ve enjoyed all the buzz around the Crawl Space front page today. Thanks very much to Brad, Kevin and CrazyChris for contributing and lending a hand with the carnage. To be completely up front – none of this was planned. The entire thing was done on a whim this morning just because I was so inspired by the Swarm talk that went down last night. Something tells me you might be hearing more about that by tomorrow… but that’d be givin’ it away. Heh.

To me, Swarm is an interesting villain with potential who had a great first showing when he went up against the Champions, but has suffered ever since with some of the worst luck in the Marvel Universe. So we felt like he needed a little TLC.

I will say this though. For a C lister, Swarm has worked his way outside the comics in some pretty cool ways. He’s made appearances on two different Spider-Man cartoons and he was even in the Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark musical.

So we end with that tonight. Here’s a clip of some of the musical cast performing on David Letterman from 2011. Despite having many misgivings about the artistic direction – and safety – of the musical over the years, this song and video are very infectious. To me and Michael Bailey, anyway. Some of the other admins recoiled in horror. Heh! Either way, the guy performing as the Green Goblin is Patrick Page. His performance really sells the song to me and his presence is undeniable. In the following clip you will see the Goblin introduce Swarm at about the 1:55 mark. And on a side note? Patrick Page is lucky enough to be married to Paige Davis from Trading Spaces. MROWR!

We hope you’ve enjoyed Swarm Day. Might other C list villains expect a moment in the spotlight down the road? Hmm… perhaps. But for tonight? “That’ll do, Spider-Pig. That’ll do.

George “Worker Bee” Berryman!

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