Swarm Day: Worker Bee Blues

“Taste the Honey! The Sweet, Sweet Honey!”

What celebration of Swarm would be complete without a nod to his appearance on Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends?  That’s right, Crawl Spacers! Few villains have reached outside the comics to busy-bee themselves around various Marvel media. The fifth episode of Amazing Friends brought Swarm – or at least a toned down take for the kiddies – to television sets everywhere in 1981.

Sure, there’s some changes. The Nazi skeleton’s gone. I can already hear you: “Why the hell bother then, Berryman?” It’s still a fun appearance. Swarm’s genesis is space-related this time around. Oh and he doesn’t talk nearly as much. And when he does talk he refers to himself in the third person. Did I mention he shoots energy beams from his eyes?

Anyhoo! Here ’tis! Hope you’re all enjoying being a drone in Swarm’s master plan today! Mwahaha!

George “Superbee” Berryman!

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(4) Comments

  1. hornacek

    And when Iceman was after Spidey when he was driving the car, does Iceman make a solid wall of ice to stop the car? Does he turn the ground to ice to have the car skid out? No, he makes a Hot Wheels style loop so Spidey can say "WHEE!!!"

  2. hornacek

    I finally got around to watching this. I like that when Spidey fell into the car and started driving, he was safety-conscious enough to put on his seat belt.

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