International Trailer of ASM 2, now with more footage!

Including more action shots, more Emma Stone and more hijinks with Peter and Aunt May. 

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  1. Enigma_2099

    ... why did I click that? I thought a selfie was slang for an alley-oop off the backboard. I don't know WHAT that was.

  2. Spider panda

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you a youtube video I just saw titled "Super Selfie - Web-Slinger". Here is the link...enjoy!

  3. Enigma_2099

    I love the Raimi movies... well, two of them, and yet I admit this looks entertaining. Hey, Hornacek... lubricant. ;)

  4. Jonathan

    I loved this trailer just as much as the first one. The Peter/Aunt May bedroom scene has to be the best scene between them yet. I'm excited for this movie.

  5. Spider panda

    I watched this trailer for how many times now and Peter saying "Whhaaaat?" still gets me hehehe...this will be the best Spider-man movie ever.

  6. Aziz

    Whoah, this trailer is lots of fun, I mean the first one was too, but as JT said before me: This is MUCH more entertaining

  7. hornacek

    Was it just my computer or is there no sound in this trailer? Liked the Peter and Aunt May bit in his bedroom. Very Lee/Ditko. Also Spidey webbing Gwen's hand to the car to keep her there and she yells out "Peter!" and then covers her mouth. That made me laugh.

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