Changing of the Editorial Guard?

wacker1“Wacker  Goes West?”

Bleeding Cool is reporting that Spider-Man editor Steve Wacker is moving from Marvel Comics in New York to work with Marvel Animation in California.

Wacker became the Spider-Editor following the controversial ‘One More Day’ storyline. He also currently edits Daredevil, Hawkeye and Guardians of the Galaxy, amongst others.

No word yet on when he will make the move or who will assume command of the Spider-Titles.

George Berryman!

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  1. DiabeticSpidey

    If it were anyone except Bleeding Cool reporting this, I'd be more inclined to believe it. We should just wait for an actual announcement from Marvel before we bid Wacker goodbye.

  2. Gary

    Hopefully we get someone who won't so gleefully let Dan Slott get away with bad writing and stories that rely on plotholes to keep from falling apart.

  3. Shaun Martineau

    Yeah, I'm going to miss the guy too. I enjoyed his online presence on all the sites, save this one, and he managed to put out some great books... Isn't Hawkeye the first Marvel book in forever to be nominated for some award? I always felt like Wacker had a love for the past, but was okay blazing new paths for the future, so I hope he can save Marvel's animation department.

  4. Nick MB

    I'm sad he's leaving. As well as managing a crazy schedule, he did edit some great comics (Hawkeye and DD - and Superior Spidey if you're so inclined) and seemed particularly good at getting quality work out of his creators. Hope his books continue well without him.

  5. George Berryman - Post author

    This is true. We did have many differences with him but getting books out on time was something that often plagued his predecessor. Wacker did manage to get books out on time and do it more often per month. His move to cartoons will be good all around. The question now is who will replace him and how will that affect or not affect the direction of Spider-books.

  6. BD

    You know, we may have had some disagreements about online behavior, but he did a good job of getting the book out on time. He got the trains on the track and got them to their destinations on time. It's amazing, literally they got three books out on time a month and juggled all those Spider-writers and artists. Say what you will about the content, he got it done. I wish my fellow Missouri brother well.

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