Spider-Art #148

ah_fanservice_by_nebezial-d6yauvaA shipper sample by a terrific artist, nebezial.

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  1. Kevin Cushing

    @2: Hell yes! He was the regular series artist on Witchblade from #116-150 with Ron Marz, in addition to runs on Artifacts, Angelus, and all of Top Cow's major events. I believe he's currently doing Aphrodite IX and is the solicited artist for "The Darkness: Death of Jackie Estacado" OGN that's supposed to be coming soon. He's great. Basically recreated the visual look of Top Cow comics in the past few years.http://comicbookdb.com/creator.php?ID=8812@3: That's Sara Pezzini and Jackie Estacado, aka Witchblade and The Darkness.

  2. Donovan Grant - Post author

    Oh really, he's a legit comic artist? Been following him on DeviantART for a bit now and I never knew that. He's certainly more than good enough.

  3. Kevin Cushing

    Dude, nebezial aka Stjepan Sejic is amazing. His run on Witchblade with Ron Marz made him THE iconic Witchblade artist for me.

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