Spider-Memories # 114


Peter knew how to keep warm during those cold nights. This is a scene from Web of Spider-Man # 50. 

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  1. Gary

    If this had been written by Dan Slott, "Peter" would have been Doc Ock in his body and would have invited May in for a three-way. And don't think Marvel and Slott are above something like that.

  2. Jack

    "I forgot you were married"? What, them being in bed together unmarried would have been okay with her? Did she think they were just overnight bunking? That's a weird line.

  3. hornacek

    Was this ever one of those panels that got posted here with "married" replaced with "in a committed relationship"? Because this would be a prime candidate: "Oh dear! Oh my! I keep forgetting you two are in a committed relationship!"

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