Podcast 268-Hobgoblin Friday Night Drunk Fight

Podcast268Dec2013In this Friday Night Fight we take you back to May of 1988. We have Jason Macendale as the Hobgoblin fighting a drunk Peter Parker Spider-Man. Who will win in this battle of the booze? It’s one of the best Web of Spider-Man issues and is an often over-looked classic. Listen as George breaks the fight down. 


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(5) Comments

  1. JGC

    This issue came out during a very big month for Spidey:ASM #300 - debut of Venom PPTSSM #138 - return of Gerry Conway to SpideyI would love to hear JR review May 1988 if he hasn't done so already.

  2. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    I remember (& still have) that issue very fondly. The reason for the party was Pete & MJ were movng out of 310 of 310 Chelsea & into Bedford Towers where they were about to get get harassed by Venom & Jonathan Caesar. Web #38 was pretty much the final appearance of Spidey wearing the black cloth costume made by Felicia due to Eddie Brock frightening the crap out of Mary Jane. #39 was a humorous tale about Peter wearing a German store-bought Spider-Man costume (Die-Spinne) which unravelled.

  3. Aziz

    No wonder you wanted no more than one page of message board questions, you made a lot of fights It's after Kraven's Last Hunt, the first story after their marriage

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