Happy Birthday Stan Lee


A very Happy Birthday to Stan “the Man” Lee! Wish him well in the comments on the 91st!

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  1. hornacek

    It was also the day that ASM #700 was released. Or was it One More Day? Can't remember which one but it was a God-awful issue and Zach mentioned on the next podcast that it was a terrible birthday gift for Stan, releasing that issue on his birthday.

  2. Matt Byrd

    Thank you, Stan for creating such a vast array of comicbook characters that the whole world has come to know in someway or other by putting word balloons together since you were forty years of age. Thanks also for letting all the other illustrators who brought your written words on those thousands of pieces paper help make your jolted ideas spring to life. I really do want to wish you a very Merry Happy Birthday fine sir. Your good friend an lover of many of your outstanding creations Matt Byrd

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