Bunn to Write Deadpool Vs Carnage

deadpool-vs-carnage1Former Venom writer Cullen Bunn isn’t quite finished writing symbiotes. He’ll be writing a four issue mini-series called Deadpool vs Carnage. It will drop in April 2014. 

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  1. Zer0

    Bunn absolutely ruined Venom's ongoing, but on the plus side, he can write the typical symbiote fare, so I have faith that he won't fuck something like this up.

  2. Nick MB

    Carnage looking pretty off-model on the cover there - so much so that I'd not have recognised him without the caption. Looks like "Deadpool Vs Skinless Demon". The interior pages look much better though, so cool.

  3. tnr105

    Because fans...demanded it? This is going to be one of the book that BD will be reviewing for Spider Satellites, isn't it? :P

  4. Aziz

    A character I don't like anymore vs a villain I hardly cared for The idea is actually tempting, and it won't be Wilson's first time stopping an alien symbiote, or an alien

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