Peter David or Matt Fraction on Superior Spider-Man?

2800557-tumblr_mcpqi8oabj1qea7tao1_1280Bleeding Cool is reporting that the Superior Spider-Man title may continue once Amazing Spider-Man returns. Two scenarios being discussed include Peter David returning to possibly write Spider-Man 2099 or Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca writing the title. Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos are expected to write a new Amazing Spider-Man #1…or 701. What are your thoughts? 

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  1. seo

    Can I simply say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what they are talking about on the net.You actually know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More and more people really need to check this out and understand this side of the story. I was surprised that you are not more popular given that you most certainly possess the gift.

  2. Sbee

    @30 yeah I know it's one of the highest reviewed titles out there but I just know it could be so much more with different writers especially the two that were mentioned in the article. I can see the appeal of the series I just don't like how he expects us and the marvel universe as a whole to be complete morons.

  3. Mike 13

    Always in the minority here, but I've enjoyed Slott's run in both the BND, Big Time, AND Superior runs... and I'm very happy that he's going to stay with the character. I've not felt this kind of attachment to Spider-Books since the days of Roger Stern... and that's been a LOT of mediocre books in between. (barring the odd gem here and there)Thanks for respecting my opinion.Cheers.

  4. Nick MB

    @29 Most of the reviews on mainstream sites have been largely positive. If you go to the Spider-Man forums on CBR there are plenty of posters who are pretty positive about it, so if we assume they're all buying it and they represent a microcosm of a larger fanbase, I can see how it's doing pretty well. (Hell, even the reviews on Crawlspace have given Superior a smattering of good reviews. In general it's probably the best received Spidey since OMD.)

  5. Sbee

    @24 yeah true I'm kind of curious who's buying it cause a lot of comments I read most are negative about superior and how slott has screwed up. It's just frustrating knowing there are awesome writers out there that want a crack at the main spidey comic and can't get it ugh.

  6. EvilAndy

    It doesn't matter who's writing Amazing Spider-Man, I'm not wasting my money until they sort out the whole One More Day mess. But Peter David back to writing Spidey 2099? Hell yeah! Sign me up.

  7. Nick MB

    An idea I just had - Otto to jump into Spider-Man 2099's body at the end of Goblin Nation (which we know 2099 will appear in from the March covers) to set up a Miguel-starring Superior Spider-Man continuation, potentially written by Peter David, and leaving Peter free to re-take Amazing? That would be one way to use the existing plot elements to let Superior and Amazing co-exist.

  8. Michael

    I hope Slott leaves the Spidey universe. Peter David on Amazing I think would be errr... rather Amazing. Loved the old spidey stories he wrote in the day. Humberto Ramos can leave Spidey as well. Don't like his artwork at all - it's too cartoony for my taste. Would love to see great drawing talent like John Romita Jr. make Spider-Man/Peter Parker stories again.

  9. Nick MB

    @15 Considering the sales and the amount of "Best of 2013" lists Superior Spider-Man appeared in, I don't think there's much chance of Slott leaving because he feels unwanted.

  10. Matt Byrd

    @11, I agree with you very much so. If Peter & Mary Jane aren't together why have we as fans of a character we all loved put up with the Marvel writing of Spider-Man in any form whatsoever? Damn it, I feel since 2007 Spidey isn't worth anything at all, in fact I only like the newspaper daily strip more than the comics in every way now point blank.

  11. Guradian Devil

    I want to see Peter back!!! I really like Superior and Slott's writitng but i really don't care who writes the story as long as it is a fresh, new, good story!!

  12. hornacek

    @19 - I believe Slott when he says he is a huge Spider-Man fan but I find it hard to believe that any writer that's a fan would treat the character like this. He not only killed the character but it almost feels like he's doing everything he can to convince us that we never should have liked the character in the first place. Maybe he has a long-term plan that shows that all of this is happening for a reason. But for now, it just looks like he had the idea to replace him with Ock, and anything beyond that it doesn't matter what it does to the character of Peter or Spider-Man.

  13. hornacek

    @18 - Agree. I don't want to sound like a hater (plus I hate that term) but I found Slott's Amazing run average at best, and while I thought #700 was well-written and very entertaining, I hated it for what it represented - the death and betrayal of the character I loved and had followed for decades. It's been tough not buying any Spidey comics for this long but I eagerly await a time when there will be an ASM comic again with the real Spider-Man that I can pick up at my LCS.

  14. Erik

    No idea about this stuff, and I'm too tired of it all to speculate. The only thing I can say at this point is that I won't be returning to reading Spidey until there's some new blood working on it.

  15. BD

    I honestly don't think Slott will leave anytime soon. I have a feeling he'll have be be removed since he's such a big fan of the webhead. With sales up, now isn't a time he'd be taken off the book. Why should they?

  16. Danbbqman

    @13: I know you are right. I have had to give Slott a LONG leash in order to enjoy the series. This is something I was willing to do. I hope they find another artist, too. Ramos has a style that I just do not like. Who do you all lthink would be a good replacement? I really like Camuncoli.

  17. Sbee

    After reading all the comments I truly hope slott visits this site and reads these and realizes he isn't wanted on the new amazing spider-man and decides to walk away. Fingers crossed!!!

  18. Sbee

    @4 that scenario would be excellent the heavens would open up and the angels would sing if it actually happened.

  19. Gary

    The problem with Superior has been the fact that Slott has insulted our intelligence the entire time. The fact that in "Ends of the Earth", Ock was bragging about being worse than Hitler, Pol Pot, and Stalin and then mere issues later is running around saying, "with great power, comes great responsibility." I don't care whose memories he had, no one is changed that much by seeing someone's life story. If you showed Manson the life story of Ghandi (like he had lived it himself like Peter did to Ock), guess what? Manson is still going to be Manson, he'll just know Ghandi's life story in full detail. Doesn't make him a better man.For Slott to expect us to believe that the mere fact that Ock has seen what Peter went through in his time as Spider-man somehow makes him no longer the monster Peter Parker had fought for years is a slap in our face, and its' proof that Slott believes all comic fans are morons.We need some new blood. And we need someone who can give us exciting Peter Parker stories without thinking the only way to make the character interesting is to kill him.

  20. Danbbqman

    I guess I am one of the few who frequent this site who has enjoyed Superior, but I agree that it is time for fresh ideas. I love the idea of a Fraction writing Amazing Spider-Man. Spidey is suppose to be an Everyman, a hero just like us, with problems that the reader might relate to and commiserate with and for whom we can sympathize. I think Mr. Fraction would bring that element back to Spider-Man. As for Superior Spider-Man - it is time for him to go. I have no desire to read or buy a SpOck comic once Perter Parker returns. Yes, this was an okay diversion, but it has run its course. Hey Marvel if you are reading this- i want Fraction, I want Fraction!!

  21. Nick Bryan

    Slot on ASM and PAD on a Miguel-centric Superior would get my money. Considering there will be a lot to disentangle after Slott's Superior run, not surprised Slott is sticking around to sort it out.Not sure about the likelihood of the Fraction part - is he too big a name to be writing the B-title to Slott's Amazing? But if it was a more low-key book in a similar style to his excellent Hawkeye, yup, I'd buy that too and it would fit as a secondary book.

  22. Gary

    We need some fresh air breathed into Spider-man. We only got Superior Spider-man because Slott ran out of ideas for Peter Parker and didn't want to step out of the way for another writer. Mark Waid could write Spider-man, his stuff with Daredevil has been awesome. Matt Fraction's X-men run turned me from a guy who didn't bother with X-men books to a die-hard X-men nut. So Fraction would be awesome. Ed Brubaker is awesome, so he'd be a good choice for Spider-man. Slott cares more about pissing off the fans than he does keeping Spider-man relevant. People praise his Superior Spider-man story, but it's full of holes (like Superior Venom walking through fire in #24 with no trouble) and everyone has to be written as a moron to keep the story from falling apart. Let Slott go to Silver Surfer and something else. Its time he step out of the way and let some new blood take over Spider-man.Superior Spider-man could relaunch with Miguel O'Hara staying in the present (he's "Superior" because of his future tech and his knowledge of the future). And a new Amazing (or even better just continue with issue 701, but Marvel seems deadest against triple digit numbered comics these days) with Peter Parker back in his body trying to fix the messes that Ock has caused.

  23. Lockdown

    I really do see that Superior's end should be Slott's end on the title. I mean, I get that we are getting relaunches under the same writer but different artists (Hulk, Daredevil, Captain Marvel, X-Factor) and then complete new relaunches with new teams (Wolverine, Wolverine and the X-Men, X-Force). However, with each of them they are complete and logical steps. For Superior it would have to be Spider-Man 2099 otherwise it just doesn't work. Because the title would still make sense. I be more happy with David in charge but can Fraction do well too? Sure.

  24. Irishlad

    the renumbering...sigh. Though it all sounds win win TBH. Slott, David and Fraction? Having said that, Peter David is possibly the most high profile Spider writer not to write the main title (ASM) on a regualar gig. It really is time.

  25. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    Am iffy about Fraction writing the webhead's stories now. He actually wrote the last REAL (To me, personally) Spider-Man in-continuity story (Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1) before One More Day took us to Mephistoland. That annual's tale was a nice last hurrah for Spidey, MJ and their marriage. On the other hand, Fraction's characterization of Pete during Fear Itself rang hollow and was amazingly limp. If I had to choose between him and Slott though, I'll take Matt. As for Peter David, I'd rather he write Amazing over either of them. His stories on PPTSSM during the 80's and more recently, FN SpIder-Man, hold up very very well. Let him write the flagship book I say.

  26. hornacek

    As much as I've come to dislike Slott's writing and the whole idea of Superior Spider-Man, I really believe that the end of SSM (the character of Ock in Peter's body, not the title) should be the logical end of Slott's run on Spider-Man. Maybe he's got story ideas for years ("Has Spidey ever owned a cell phone?") but years from now when people say "hey, do you remember Dan Slott's run on Spider-Man?" he'll be remembered for two things: (1) Tricorp, and (2) Doc Ock killing Spidey and taking over his body. It just feels that when this storyline ends and Spidey returns, Slott should end his run on Spider-Man.Now, if they figure out a way to keep the character of SpOck (sorry, Leonard Nimoy) around after Spidey returns (i.e. in a cloned or robot body) then it would be perfectly natural for Slott to continue writing that title. But once the one and true Spider-Man returns, it should be a new writer. David and Fraction would be awesome choices.At this point I just want someone new. When Mackie left and JMS was announced to be taking over, there was so much anticipation and excitement. I feel that at this point, if they announced any new writer with a semblance of competence and that it would be the real Spidey, you'd get close to that level of excitement again. Just my 5 cents (we got rid of the penny here in Canada).

  27. Phantom Roxas

    If Superior is replaced with "Superior Spider-Man 2099" or something to that effect with Peter David as the writer, while Matt Fraction relaunches Amazing, and Slott only has Silver Surfer, that'd be perfect.

  28. PunyParker

    Can Slot stay on his Superior stuff,and we get David to write a 2099 series,and Fraction to write Spider-Man?.....huh?!....okay...

  29. tickbite

    Sorry, but no. I really don't have a problem with the whole Superior Spider-Man concept and I think Dan Slott has written some pretty good stuff both here and during Brand New Day. But returning to Amazing with the team from Superior is wrong. I was really hoping for some fresh air ... and some art that looks more ... more unlike Humberto Ramos' style. (Sara Pichelli, have you applied yet?)

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