Podcast # 273- MB Questions, Web Pits, Best Modern Villain, Next Spider-Satellite

Podcast273Jan2014We answer your dozens of message board questions in this episode. Highlights include:
*Do we like Spidey with web arm pits? 
*Who is the best modern Spider-Villain? 
*What is the next character to support a Spider-Satellite title?
*What were our reactions in the 198o’s to the reveal of who is the Hobgoblin? 


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  1. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    Great eps, lads! in regards to the super geniuses of the Marvel U solving things such a disease, famine etc, the closest it has come to being tackled was in Wolverine: Enemy Of The State. Reed, Stark & Pym had this virtual hard drive where gadgets such as terraformers to relieve hunger had their blueprints stored, and were eventually going to be given to solve such crisis... until a brainwashed Logan broke into the Baxter Building and made off with the tech and gave it to Hydra. Props to Mark Millar for addressing the issue, even if it was abruptly (cough cough) cut off at the head like that.

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