Stegron Saturday – What Might Have Been…


As Brad announced this morning today is Stegron Saturday! Stegron Saturday is a celebration of all things Stegron – something that is long, long overdue. Make sure you listen to the Spidey Friday Night Fight on Saturday podcast in which Brad, Kevin and myself examine Stegron’s first fight against Spidey.

So how are we celebrating Stegron today at the Spider-Man Crawlspace Office? By getting liquored up at an office party and pondering what movies and TV might have been like had Stegron chosen a different profession aside from villainy. For example? How different might this Hollywood classic had been if Rick had been played not by Humphrey Bogart… but by Vincent Stegron? It would’ve looked like this…

–George Berryman!

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  1. hornacek

    Because of the greatness of this new Crawl Space Holiday, it seemed appropriate to to remind everybody about this classic exchange:BD: (reading a question) George, why are you pro-Sssssstegron? George: Because only people that suck are anti-Stegron. (laughter) BD: Why do you love him so much, is he just a fixture ... Bailey: (responding to George) There's a well reasoned argument. George: He's a dinosaur man. He is a dinosaur man, Brad! BD: I know, I know. George: No you don't know, son, you haven't asked me. (laughter) George: "What is it about Stegon?" Hello, it's right there. He is half-man half f@cking dinosaur, Brad! BD: Goodness, oh my goodness. George: Half-man, I'll say it, half-man half dinosaur. BD: Yes, yes, I know, I mean he just doesn't get much respect. Why is that? George: He gets plenty of respect from me! Maybe not so much from fools, who don't know the time.

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