NY Daily News Gets a Big Spider-Man Spoiler from Slott

Spider-Man writer Dan Slott granted an interview to the New York Daily News where he spoils what’s coming up in the Spider-World over the next few months. You can learn the info with pictures after the jump. Here’s Slott’s tweet warning you not to click it if you don’t want to get spoiled. Also avoid the comments of this post if you don’t want the big reveal. You’ve been warned. 


spiderman12n-1-web spiderman12n-3-webPeter Parker will return in April with an all new Amazing Spider-Man #1. Writer Dan Slott revealed that he always knew that Peter would return but had to the keep the lie going for a full year.
“To do that for a solid year of my life, that’s the hardest thing I’ve had to do — to look small children in the eye at a convention and lie to them,” says Slott. “One of them with an honest-to-God Little League uniform and a quivering lip. Inside, part of me was dying.”

The only person he revealed the secret to was actor Andrew Garfield when he visited the set of Amazing Spider-Man 2 during the summer. 

Editor Axel Alonso wasn’t thrilled with Slott’s original pitch of Doc Ock swapping minds. “It would have been great if you took a photo of my face at that time. I was not very thrilled,” says Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso of Slott’s initial pitch, during an editorial retreat several years ago. “Let’s just say that as cynical as the hard-core fanboy was, I was more cynical.”
Alonso also said, “I do feel people will appreciate him a little more after this. I do think people have been taking him for granted.”

Slott also states we may be in for more surprises with Peter, “We’ve gone over 30 issues without Peter Parker, so when we let him out of that box and he gets to put on that costume again and he gets to swing through the sky, it’s going to be the greatest feeling,” says Slott.“But there’s a twist. There’s always a twist.”


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  1. QuilSniv

    Am I the only one who thinks Slott was raised by M. Night Shamylan before working for Marvel? I mean, he even says, "There's always a twist". That's treading dangerously in Shamylan turf.

  2. stillanerd

    Peter Parker returning in a relaunched Amazing Spider-Man #1 right around the same time as Amazing Spider-Man 2 was pretty much a safe bet guessed by A LOT of people, but it's still nice to see that it came to pass.With regards to any possible "twist" involving Peter's return, I'm thinking it's going to involved one or both of the following: that Peter only has SOME of his memories intact, in that he only has the ones in which Doc Ock deliberately accessed during his time as Spider-Man before he erased the rest during Superior Spider-Man #9. The other would be that the Goblin King is revealed to be, somehow, Peter himself. Remember, Otto flat-out stated in Superior Spider-Man #9 that Ghost Peter was NOT the real Peter but rather Peter's memories which Doc Ock preserved/copied having achieved self-awareness. This isn't to say that Ghost Peter won't be instrumental in restoring Peter back to normal, however.

  3. George Berryman

    @22 - "That’s a fair enough point if you think Marvel doesn’t understand or has mishandled the character"Not really a "think" thing for me so much as it is a "know" thing.@22 - "... but some of the comments here, specifically those who claim Axel is lying to the press about his reluctant to pull the trigger on Superior indicates more intentional malevolence."Intentional Malevolence... LMAO!! Questioning the sincerity of an EIC's comments given in an interview isn't "malevolent." Marvel has put some whoppers out there before. I remember at one point Joe Quesada even claimed "Mary Jane made the deal with Mephisto, not Peter!" And that was 100% untrue. Back when OMD went down you had one editor saying "We didn't do this to piss anyone off!" and another saying "Hey we were counting on people getting pissed off." People questioning Alonso on this is entirely understandable.Take something Dan Slott said about all this: "To do that for a solid year of my life, that’s the hardest thing I’ve had to do — to look small children in the eye at a convention and lie to them,” says Slott. “One of them with an honest-to-God Little League uniform and a quivering lip. Inside, part of me was dying."When I read that I genuinely thought I'd die from laughing. It is so over the top, maudlin and incredible that there's <i>no way</i> someone can believe that.<img src="http://i.imgur.com/hpddANc.jpg">

  4. Tijean86

    @23 Nice. Maybe that should be Slott's new book when ASM returns - Superior Dr Octopus. The monthly tale of Ock rebuilding his life after Peter's return.

  5. Tijean86

    @22 oh, I'm not nearly cynical enough just yet to believe there's intentional malevolence involved. Spider-Man and, by virtue, Peter Parker have simply been too important to Marvel for too long for me to be able to accept that they would maliciously mistreat him. I like to believe that every creator comes on a book wanting to tell the best stories they can with the character from their own perspective. I just think they don't quite understand the character of Peter anymore.That said, I am genuinley looking forward to his return and to see what direction they have planned for him with the ASM relaunch. I'd love to be proven wrong!

  6. Chasing Amazing

    @19 @20 That's a fair enough point if you think Marvel doesn't understand or has mishandled the character, but some of the comments here, specifically those who claim Axel is lying to the press about his reluctant to pull the trigger on Superior indicates more intentional malevolence.And for the record, I think Slott is a good writer, has gotten Spidey quite well, and that the whole Superior storyline has been a referendum on Spider-Man and his breed of heroism. It's right there in the text.

  7. Tijean86

    @19 exactly, this is the real issue and on ongoing concern with Slott continuing as the writer.Is it possible that modern writers are so used to dealing with anti-heroes that they simply don't know how to write for more traditional heroes anymore? (Maybe that's more of a question for the podcast?)

  8. George Berryman

    @18 - "... but to suggest that they don’t “like” the character that generates a ton of revenue for them is just the epitome of silly."I don't suggest that they dislike Peter so much as they don't understand the character on some fundamental levels. So much that the only way they could boost sales on the main Spider-title was to cut out &amp; replace the main character they'd mishandled for so long.

  9. Chasing Amazing

    An Aprils Fool's joke? Do some of you seriously believe that? Info obviously got leaked ahead of schedule and Marvel went into damage control. Giving the Daily News the "scoop" after all the comic book blogs and news sites ran with the leaked info was just Marvel's way of taking control of the message back. I'm sure the "twist" is in line with what some of the more reasonable people here have speculated: Peter's life is effed, Otto is still floating around, etc ... heck, I'd even been ready to buy into the "Peter is really the Green Goblin" conspiracy theories as the "twist" rather than think this is all some massive trolling effort by Slott. It just smacks of narcissism that some members of the "I Hate Slott and everything he does crowd" thinks that he and Marvel would go as far as giving an exclusive scoop to one of the largest newspapers in the world all in an effort to prank those of you who are still apparently emotionally scarred by Peter's death last year.Meanwhile, if memory serves, Axel Alonso was the one pushing for the "Ghost Peter" add in Superior as a way to transition fans into the new status quo. And PS, this editorial mandate hurt the overall product (surprise, surprise) because the series really didn't kick into gear until Slott was able to write the story his way, without any preconditions. I don't always like the direction Marvel takes Spider-Man and many of its other characters, but to suggest that they don't "like" the character that generates a ton of revenue for them is just the epitome of silly.

  10. Phantom Roxas

    The twist is that Camuncoli has yet to be announced as doing art, meaning that this book could have lost the one major redeeming factor.

  11. Michael

    Okay: Peter Parker back for real, that's good news in my opinion. Too bad it is not a real fresh start as long as Slott is writing it. I was hoping for a new creative team.

  12. Erik

    The "twist" could simply be that Peter will be dealing with the repercussions of what Ock has done to his life. D'oh, that ol' Parker luck -- finally comes back to life, and he's back to zero! When will poor Peter ever catch a break!Another thing that comes to mind is there might be some residue of Ock in his head, like Peter was at the beginning of Superior. I could see Slott doing that.Or maybe it's that Ock will be moved to another body to continue The Superior Spider-Man somewhere else.

  13. Enigma_2099

    The twist is that it's all a cruel April Fool's Joke.And I don't buy that line from Alonzo for one minute.

  14. ggglitch

    Doors anyone find it funny that it is going to come out in April and be a number 1? It seems to me like a bad April fools set up especially since he said that there is to be a twist.

  15. Nick MB

    @3 The solicitation cycle necessitates them doing this, because it'd be pretty obvious what was happening when "Amazing Spider-Man" appears on this week's April listings. From his perspective as writer of the story, Slott would clearly rather this wasn't the case but is making the best of it. Seems fair to me.

  16. R.H.

    Don't buy it for a second. Slott wouldn't have cared one whit if some kid was crying in front of him. He was acting way too much like a douche

  17. Erik

    A comic book hero who died is coming back to life?! Dammit, I would have been so surprised if I'd never read this interview.

  18. George Berryman

    Slott translated:"Avoid the news so you're not spoiled by the spoilers we gave them to report to everyone."

  19. Danbbqman

    We'll, I guess we already knew this, but at least it has been confirmed. Any guess as to how many variant issues will be made available - I'll start the bidding at 5!

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