Superior Spider-Man #25 Vidcast Review

I swing in with my good old green screen to review the landmark anniversary issue. While I give it a good grade I still can’t help but roll my eyes as the Avengers are still be portrayed as morons like Mary Jane. However, this issue really proves why I love Iron Man.

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  1. Mops

    I'm going to say something that is going to make me pretty unpopular. I liked Carlie. It kinda bums me out that she's been turned into a goblin, and I feel that there are enough of those now. Green Gobling, Menace, Hobgoblin, and the Goblin Knight. That being said, being a goblin was forced on her, and I wonder if this will be permanent change or if she will return to normal. ASM returning was going to keep me reading, but now I want to see this through. Damn you Slot.

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