Wanted: Crawlspace Reviewers

helpwantedI have had several titles open up and I’m looking to fill many books with the right reviewer. Here are the titles that are up for the taking:

*Two Superior/ Amazing Spider-Man reviewers
*Superior Spider-Man Team Up
*Ultimate Spider-Man
*Ultimates when Miles joins the team
*New Warriors
*Mighty Avengers

If you’d like to have your opinions on Spider-Man seen by a few hundred thousand viewers a month then drop me an e-mail. I’ll need you to write a sample review and a list of 2 or 3 books you’d be willing to review. Put them in a rank of preference. Also give a brief history of your love of Spider-Man. Please follow the format we use on the other reviews on the site. I’m looking to fill the jobs fairly quickly, so get that e-mail in soon.  


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  1. George Berryman

    At this time we have filled all of our current review spots. If anymore spots should open up we will post another update on the main page. But right now our reviews are fully staffed.Thanks Brian! :)

  2. James

    I would love to review for this site as it has been a constant source of Spidey information and reviews for a few years now and I always enjoy listening to your podcasts. Spider-Man is a big part of my life and the chance to review some of the books on this site would be a great one for me.

  3. BD - Post author

    Jesse, Then drop me an e-mail at crawlspacemail@gmail.com with your sample review. There are a lot of submissions already, so hurry.

  4. Jesse

    I would love to review. I grew up reading AMZ Spidey. I subscribed until the very end. I did not subscribe to Superior. I wasn't ready, I was still morning a friend, a family member, a hero, and my character role model.I have the opportunity to help expose Spidey to a new type of fan. Wither it be movies, comic, cartoon. I can also help interest a group that is a past/present/future fan. Then i must spread the word so that the universe can expand. I am in a unique position because I am a radio Dj/Personality host at KRTNradio.com. I think there could be a great amount of potential that we can accomplish together. It would be my Ultimate (see what I did there?) fanboy dream. We could do a spot and just talk comics and plug the podcast.I hope we get the chance to work together. munch55

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