Spider-Ads #3


Back in 1984 I couldn’t find Amazing Spider-Man 252 anywhere. I then found this in the back of a Marvel Comic and thought, finally I can get it by eating a bunch of Cookie Crisp. Sadly, Amazing Spider-Man #259 showed up in the mail instead. 

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  1. Bill

    I have a story myself about acquiring Amazing Spider-Man #252. I had a subscription to ASM at the time that was scheduled to run out with issue #251. But for some reason I never got it in the mail. I had already planned to get #252 at my LCS, but when I went in, they were already sold out of #252 (and #251 as well). I was despondent. After all there was no such thing as EBay back then, so I had no other way of getting my hands on those two books that I desperately desired. Then, a couple of days later I was in a 7-11 (or some such) and lo-and-behold there was an ASM #251 on the spinner racks. I was pretty happy, but I still didn't know how I was going to get my hands on a copy of #252. Then amazingly, out of the blue, I suddenly got the last issue of my subscription in the mail, and I was actually slightly bummed because I thought it was going to be another copy of issue #251 - but when I peeled off the plain brown wrapper I got quite a pleasant shock - for some unexplainable reason, the subscription service skipped sending me issue 251 and sent me 252 instead. It was a quite a lucky turn of events and an awesome surprise that I still remember to this day. Ahh, the power of comics. :)

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