New Superior Spider-Man Figure

6172047451220 6172047451220-1Disney Stores and are now selling a Superior Spider-Man Marvel Select figure. It comes with a very cool Superior Foes base. You can order it now and it’s retailing for $24.95 before shipping. 

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  1. E. Wilson

    As someone who collects the Marvel Select Spidey figs, I have to say that I'm really looking forward to this guy, and the upcoming ASM2 figure. Partially because they'll be awesome figures, and partially because the vanilla MS Spidey is an amazingly mediocre toy, especially compared to awesome pieces like Venom or the Green Goblin.

  2. Enigma_2099

    Marvel Select figures are like DC Direct figures. Very well sculpted, but with characters like Spider-man, they just don't cut it for me with the articulation.Now what DO like, and will recommend, is the upcoming Marvel Legends Infinite Spider-man figure. here's a review. easier on the wallet than the MAFEX ones. Also has UNIFORM INTERCHANGEABLE HANDS!!!! The best part, my ultimate test of a Spider-Man's articulation is the 3-point stance. Theirs is "the 301" based on a Mc Farlane cover, and this one delivers. I have yet another figure to collect.

  3. reader

    mesed up the link, first one was for first's the asm 2 version:

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