Kirby Redraws Ditko

1522191_10202282861566258_1030748705_n 1528476_10202282861006244_969208907_nErik Larsen just posted a before and after cover of Amazing Spider-Man #35 on the Jack Kirby Fan page.
Steve Ditko drew the cover on the left which was published in Italy. His editor Stan Lee evidently didn’t like that version and had Jack Kirby re-draw Spidey and place it on Ditko’s background. Ditko left three issues later? Could this be the final straw that made Ditko walk out? 

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  1. Spider panda

    I like Steve Ditko's version (left) because it showas clearly how spidey's signal is straight and that he is hanging by 2 hands, very spidery like hehehe...waiting for it's prey to come...

  2. SpideyPR

    Is it just me or are the web pits on the left image in the wrong place, i.e. in the elbow crack, not the pits?

  3. hornacek

    I guess Stan didn't want's Spidey's ass to be the first thing the reader saw when they picked up the book.

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