The Lost Spider-Man Graphic Novel By Peter David (updated)

tumblr_mzsm2y73vN1sismc5o1_1280The Tumbler blog MarvelMania came across this solicitation in Marvel Age # 85 from 1990. It seems Peter David and Ron Frenz were going to produce a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel. As if that top talent wasn’t enough, John Romita Senior was going to ink Frenz’s pencils. This is the first I’ve heard about the novel, so I asked Peter David what ever became of the book. He wrote this back. 

“Ron never finished drawing it. Dude, it was like 20 years ago.”


I’ve sent an e-mail to former Editor in Chief Tom Defalco and artist Ron Frenz to get their take on it too. Is it too late to see this released?

Tom wrote back on e-mail and had this to say.

“I’m afraid I don’t recall this project. I’ll ask Ron about it when time permits.”

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  1. PeterParkerFan

    I really hope they'll release it. Any Spider-Man story written by Peter David is a must buy for me.

  2. Bill

    I'd buy it if they finished it and released it. Ron Frenz is my all-time favorite Spider-Man artist. So, for that reason alone it would be a must for me.

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