New Pop ASM 2 Figures

electrofunko funkospideyFunko’s Pop Figures are a lot of fun. This summer they’ll have some new Amazing Spider-Man 2 figures. They have Spidey in his new/ classic suit and Jamie Foxx as Electro. 

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  1. Jeff Flannigain

    I bought one of those $10 or so Ultimate Spider-Man toys that just move at the shoulders and hips (you know, like our action figures did back in the day), the same ones they have of the Hulk and Cap and all that. Anyhow, take it out of the box...and the back of Spidey isn't even colored properly. It's like they did the front of him nice to get people to buy it and then cheaped out on the back. Disappointing and haven't noticed it on the other figures.

  2. BD - Post author

    No clue. I'm looking at my ASM1 pop figure now on my desk and it doesn't have the black webs highlighted either. That's odd.

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