Superior Spider-Man Team Up #9 Review

sstm9“So, a Spider-Man, a Punisher, and a Daredevil walk into Spider-Island…”

Superior Spider-Man Team Up #9

Goblin Nation Prologue

Written by Kevin Shinick

Drawn by Marco Checchetto

Colored by Rachelle Rosenberg

Edited by Ellie Pyle

Senior Edited by Stephen Wacker

Cover by Paolo Rivera



Punisher and Daredevil confront SpOck about his odd behavior. Punisher is also concerned SpOck took a Goblin Glider  owned by Punisher during SpOck’s  “no crime on my time” campaign (by the way, that line actually appeared in the book). SpOck brings both of them to Spider-Island to prove that he didn’t. SpOck finds that not only did one of his men take it, but that most of his minions apparently are really working for the Green Goblin.

 My Thoughts

I’m going to be honest. I’ve never heard of Kevin Shinick before this issue. I actually had to Google search him to see what else he’s written, so this is my first experience reviewing any of his work (or reviewing anything for that matter.)

The truth is I’m not quite sure what to make of this issue. With any new writer, you have to give him/her an issue or two to get used to the book. So I’m not going to hit Shinick quite as hard as I would if he were more experienced. That being said, there’s a lot in here that I feel the need to nitpick on.

3579053-supsmtup2013009_int_lr2-page-003First of all, Shinick is a former comedy writer. He wrote for “Mad” and “Robot Chicken” (thanks, Google!), which explains a lot of the one-liners and jokes in this issue. Some of the jokes here were good, like that line from SpOck about how “Two-Packs” was killed and started “some bi-coastal wrapping war.” Some didn’t. A lot of the jokes at first came from Daredevil at the expense of the Punisher and SpOck. I just don’t really see Daredevil joking, so it felt forced to me. For that matter, so did a lot of the dialogue. When was the last time we heard SpOck yell out “egads” or “confound it” ? (even though egads and confound it are two things SpOck would totally say)

I’m getting aggravated by how clueless people are about SpOck. I realize we’re nearing the end of “Superior”, but this is something that’s bugged me for months. Daredevil has worked with Spidey in the past, so he should something’s up with Spidey. (From what I know from the last time Punisher appeared in a Spidey comic, he approves of SpOck’s new methods. Someone tell me if I’m wrong) I’m glad to see it get addressed, but I get the feeling that all we’re going to get at the end is the same old status quo. Daredevil’s going to be suspicious, but he’s not going to do anything. Personally, I’d love for Peter Parker to address this when “Amazing” comes back.

I liked how we got a glimpse of Spider-Island in this issue, which is something we haven’t seen in the main title. I’m intrigued to see what happens next with SpOck’s minions turning on him, just because of the massive implications it has for the remainder of Superior Spider-Man.  I’d really like to see how this story-arc ties into “Goblin Nation”. So far, it seems like it’s a pretty decent tie-in, but I am a wait-and-see person. I feel like we won’t get a glimpse into any major implications for “Goblin Nation” until next issue, when the minions’ intentions become clearer.

Final Grade

Overall, I’ll have to give this issue a


I’m giving Shinick some leeway since this is his first issue, but I wasn’t particularly impressed. A lot of the dialogue in this issue felt forced. I felt that Shinick hasn’t really nailed down SpOck’s voice quite yet and he butchered Daredevi’s voice. I’m interested in the whole “minions betraying SpOck” plot, but we’ll have to wait to see how it plays out next issue and during “Goblin Nation”.  I liked the artwork in this issue. I’ve been a fan of Checchetto since BND. I’d say that you shouldn’t feel like you have to read this issue because it ties into “Goblin Nation”, but as I said before, we’ll just have to see how next issue plays out.

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  1. Jason

    @4 - My budget for comics is limited, so I tend to stick with the main title unless there are tie ins or titles in continuity (like Web, Spectacular, and Spider-Man were).

  2. Danbbqman

    I thought the art in this issue was fantastic. Sure the pencil work was great, but the color artist, Rachelle Rosenberg did an incredible job. If I was Checcetto I would make sure I always worked her. I wish they were tapped to work on the main title.

  3. NOguy84 - Post author

    # 1 I'm reserving final judgement until the arc is finished, but I do appreciate the input. # 2 This is the first issue I've picked up in a few months, so I don't know how much you're missing. If you're looking for a good jumping-on point, this seems like it's it. # 3 Thanks! I'll remember to space out my images.

  4. Shaun Martineau

    I'm with you on your leeway with Shinick. I reviewed the Superior Carnage series he did and it was... okay, at best. He has some really great scenes and ideas, but he's not the best executioner of them. At least in SC, he didn't cram in some lame jokes like 'Two-Packs', that's groan inducing. Nice job with the first review. Though in future reviews, maybe space your images out a bit more, it distorted the text on my screen.

  5. Jason

    Has Team-Up been a tie-in to Superior? Should I have been reading this title too? Am I missing out on anything if I don't?

  6. Chasing Amazing

    Couldn't disagree more. Shinick was a breath of fresh air, and I'm excited to get more from him as this book accelerates to its likely conclusion. I thought his work on Superior Carnage was great, as it was a fresh spin on a character that had gotten very tired and un-evolved. This issue built the tension very nicely for "Goblin Nation," especially the opening pages and the final image - creating an environment of paranoia, which I think is going to be a critical part of the larger story. People seem to love Yost's writing and I just don't get it. He writes Spider-Man like it's Frank Miller's Batman. There's nothing joyful about it. Avenging Spider-Man #15.1 almost ruined the "Superior" era for me before it started because it was such a tonal clash from what Slott did in ASM #700. I don't want to read the Superior titles to see Doc Ock acting like Doc Ock (but in a Spidey costume), I want to see him try to be the Superior Spider-Man (and fail), which is what Slott does every issue and what Shinick does here. I'm not going to get nit-picky about his Daredevil because a) it's a Spider-Man book and B) Mark Waid has infused Daredevil with a touch of goofiness during his (critically acclaimed) run on the book, so while Shinick might have written a couple of groaners for Matt, I don't think he was way off-base.

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