‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Bad Lip Reading

“I’m Gonna Freestyle For You, Okay?”

I just stumbled across this tonight while watching videos on the YouTubes. I asked Brad if we’d ever run it at the site before; we don’t believe we ever have. So I’m running it past all you Crawlspacers. Some of you may have already seen it already, some might not have.

There’s a group of folks out there on the Interwebnets who take footage – sports, presidential debates, movies, whatever – and find ways to lip sync their own dialogue to it. And it is some damn funny stuff. They call it Bad Lip Reading.

While watching one they did for Game of Thrones called Medieval Land Fun-Time World I saw that they had one out there for Peter & Gwen from the first Amazing Spider-Man movie.

The end result was pretty fun. So here it is!

Be sure to check out the rest of their stuff if you’re bored and looking for nice, goofy fun.

–George Berryman!

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