My Life as a Comic Book Reader on Kickstarter

get-attachmentFor thirty years I have been a collector and reader of comics. In the Spring of 2008 I watched as a two year relationship came to an end and my current job was being eliminated at my office. Facing debt, unemployment and depression I decided to sell my comic book collection in order to help get myself back on my feet. When I was going through my various long boxes of comics I pulled out a comic of one of my favorite super heores and I remember when I first saw the character and how I fell in love with comics at the age of 3. It was then that an idea hit me, I ran to my desk drawer and pulled out notepad and pen and started writing. Within an hour I had written the outline for a story about what comics meant to me and how they inspired me to look ahead to brighter days. This is that story.

The book follows the life of Blaine, a young boy who lives with his recently divorced mother and his grandfather. Thanks to one amazing moment, Blaine learns about the world of comic books through his grandfather. The story follows Blaine through the course of the next thirty years as he reaches the various crossroads in his life and shows how reading comics helped him meet those challenges along the way. From growing up without a father to bullying in school. To watching as his mother remarried and how he became a big brother. Blaine faces all of his challenges head on with comic books as his inspiration in dealing with these problems. However, how can comics help you when you grow up? What happens when you face job lost? What happens when you become a father yourself? These questions and more are answered as Blaine’s life unfolds in these 52 pages of a story that could be any one of us at any given time.

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