Spider-Memories # 118

Godzilla23This is from Godzilla # 23 from 1979. Godzilla attacked New York and took on the Avengers. He also stopped by the Daily Bugle to taunt J.Jonah Jameson. 

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  1. CF98

    Although Marvel's rendition of Godzilla is not the most faithful like Dark Horse's or IDW's, the Marvel Godzilla series was a blast! As a DIE HARD Godzilla fan and a huge Marvel fan this series was a dream come true! Who wouldn't want to see Godzilla take on the Avengers?

  2. DadaHyena

    Marvel's take on Godzilla wasn't perfect, but it was still entertaining, and let's face it, it's hard to not like a combination of classic Marvel comics and the King of the Monsters. I think this panel is from either the final issue or second-to-final, and is mostly remembered for the huge battle between Godzilla and the Avengers (and Spidey's brief cameo).

  3. mike 13

    I read this when it came out and that scene was absolutely hilarious to this then 12 year old kid...

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