Daily Archives: January 28, 2014

  • Spider-Toys McDonald’s Happy Meal 90s toys

    In 1995 you could pick up one of four Spider-Man the Animated series Happy Meal Toys. These toys were: Fashion Change Mary Jane, Quick Change Peter Parker, Spider-Man battle pose and Dr. Octopus with moving tentacles.

  • Spider-Memories # 119

    It seems Spidey missed all the Avengers/ Godzilla action. I bet Jameson was ticked Parker missed all these great shots.  This appeared in Godzilla # 24. Many thanks to the TarsTarkas.net for the images. This link has a great history of the Marvel series which I never read, but…

  • Song of Spider-Man Reading

    The original Green Goblin Patrick Page,Producer Jeremiah Harris and New York Post Reporter Michael Riedel are reading various section of the new book “Song of Spider-Man.” It tells of the ups and downs of the musical.The Goblin one in particular is hysterical!