New Amazing Spider-Man Super Bowl Teaser

“Nothing is what I thought it was…”

UPDATED at 9:25 PM CST with screenshots below the fold!

A teaser trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 2 – with a lot of new footage – has just been released as a lead-in to the film’s Super Bowl spot.

In case the trailer above is removed from YouTube it can also be found at the Latino Review film site.

I took some screenshots of Harry and the Rhino below. Spoiler Alert for the potentially spoiler-wary!

Goblin Harry















Rhino – Lid Up!




Rhino – Lid Down!



–George Berryman! 

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(13) Comments

  1. allthingsuper

    The Rhino looks really cool, and even though I'm not crazy about the Goblin, his lifer having the bright green energy is really cool. I can't wait for this film

  2. AdamTomlinson

    I really like this look for Electro. The creepy blue light shining through the dark hoodie is a great visual.

  3. daniel kibler

    I wonder if we'll see the daily bugle in this movie or if the closest thing we'll see are these faux daily bugle posts (which I enjoy for the most part)

  4. parabolee

    Looks fantastic. Especially the costume. But I have to say, I hate the changes to his origin, hate that Harry will be the Goblin first, not keen on the look of the Goblin at all either. I do think Rhino and Electro look great. But they are two characters I always thought had lame designs in the comic so I guess I'm more open to big redesigns on them. Also they best get t killing Gwen off soon (even though I love Emma Stone). I need me some Mary Jane!

  5. allthingsuper

    The Mandarin was a bad example a better one is having it be revealed that Peter wasn't responsible for Uncle Ben's death in Spider-Man 3, which destroyes the moral center of Spidey. As for the Goblin, I'll wait till' I see the movie to judge, ad I've only seen some quick and blurry glimpses, but Dane DeHaan is an amazing actor, so I'm optimistic.

  6. B-Mask

    @5 see that mentality annoys me because it betrays artistic necessity. The Mandarin was a change that benefitted both the visual style and the dramatic impetus of the film- it was far riskier but more dramatically interesting to have the Mandarin be portrayed in that light. The goblin on the other hand? Jesus christ, it's absolutely needless. Nothing about his design benefits anything other than toy sales (though will kids really want that?). They're trying so hard to come up with metrosexual, hip designs that they're failing to give them any kind of purpose or aesthetic polish. The goblin was a grown man trying to maintain his childish desires. Why not reflect that in the costume? Have a deranged dude who uses a crappy thrift store mask to become something far more terrifying, tying into the themes of Spidey's character without taking up whole chunks of exposition and storytelling time with mutating backstories and such. Do we need to do this chemical destiny shit again?

  7. allthingsuper

    To each his own. As long as the story is good and they stay true to the core of the character, then I'm cool with some changes. As long as there isn't a Mandarin like change, which takes it too far IMO, then I'll be cool. But, It's fine if you don't agree. I enjoy your Ultimate Spider-Man reviews, George, they are really funny, when can we expect the next one?

  8. George Berryman - Post author

    Of what little we've seen of it... I'm trying to stay optimistic. I'm not a big fan (understatement) of the way they're monkeying with the origin in the reboot movies. Not one bit. I'm also not keen on Harry becoming the Goblin before Norman, if that's indeed what happens in ASM2. Not crazy about Electro's costume redesign. I do feel better about the Rhino with this trailer. I wasn't a fan of the 'on all fours' Rhino from the poster but in the new footage he's upright, which makes the suit redesign a little more tolerable. But the sequel does at least look to be way more action packed than the last.

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