‘Superior Foes’ Will Continue Being Superior!

SinisterSeveral“Thank you to everyone who keep passionately talking up the book…”

With ‘Superior’ Spider-Man about to be ushered off stage, what does the future hold for the Sinister ‘Several?’ Superior Foes of Spider-Man writer Nick Spencer recently discussed the future of the villains-centered title with CBR:

Yes, it was really nice because we ran the solicits for issue #12, which the entire Internet told me would never, ever happen! [Laughs] It was a bit of a milestone for us, and I can go ahead and reveal that when the book started, we were told that we had 12 issues. To get to go beyond that is a huge victory for the book, and a testament to the fan response, the very kind reviews, and all the great year-end lists that managed to mention us.

So we’re not done yet! We’re still around, and the bottom line is, we definitely have the time needed to tell the story that we set out to tell. In fact, we got to build it out a bit more. That’s the good news.

Obviously, a book called “The Superior Foes of Spider-Man” starring Boomerang was never destined to be a blockbuster seller, but the very devoted following we’ve attracted has managed to keep us alive thus far. So a big thank you to everyone who keep passionately talking up the book — and issue #12 is not our last issue!

Word of mouth about the title has been extremely positive. If you have not yet checked out Superior Foes, you’re missing a very fun book! Nick Spencer & Steve Lieber work extremely well together on this quality story.

George Berryman!

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  1. Jeff Gutman

    I'm glad they kept the title as it is - The "Superior Foes" is more an ironic title for these loveable losers than a direct call out to the Superior Spider-man title anyway... LOVE THIS TITLE! Everyone who's not reading this, its still early enough to get caught up...

  2. Andy O'Brien

    Of all the books I read, the Superior Foes of Spider-Man is the only one that make me laugh, every issue guaranteed. Looking forward to issue 36 and beyond!

  3. Lockdown

    Just started picking the series up myself regularly. Love it. I'm looking forward to the origin of Overdrive. The new Beetle was great.

  4. AmFan15

    After reading listening to the podcasts and reading the reviews here, and hearing the glowing praise everyone gives this series, I picked up issue #3 today. (They didn't have the first two issues). I can't remember laughing this hard at a comic in a long time. The story of Silvermane's head, the supervillain support group, the history of Mirage...Really great stuff! I definitely plan on going back tomorrow, and catching up on the rest of the series.

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