Podcast #281- Friday Night Hulk Smash Fight

Podcast281Jan2014George takes us back to 1966 where he spotlights the third Amazing Spider-Man annual.
*The Avengers tell Spidey he can join if he can take down the Hulk
*Does Spidey get in some good shots?
*Does Hulk smash the Spider?


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  1. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    I remember and reading the reprint of this in Marvel Tales and loving the hell out of it for Spidey whooping Avengers asses and showing compassion to the Hulk. I also dug the fact that there was a couple of callbacks to this issue many many years later (which I had read before the reprint). Avengers #221 had Thor inviting Spidey to join the team yet again during a membership drive, which Pete only followed-up on in Avengers #236-237 (Good memory, Brad!). The other callback was Marvel Team-Up #126 in an unusual issue containing, not one, but two stories (Spider-Man/Hulk & Power Man/Son Of Satan). During the climax of the first story, Peter once again shows compassion to Bruce by giving him his jacket and last five bucks to get out of town. In the epilogue, Hulk goes on a rampage in a new city after being mugged as Banner, runs into a homeless man who's given up on life and befuddles Hulk by not running away in fear. Hulk in turn reaches into his torn purple pants and gives him his last five bucks before loping off forlornly into the night *Cue the Lonely Man theme"As for Stan getting the issue number wrong where Hulk and Spidey first met, I'd chalk that up to his confusion because both #10 and #14 featured Spidey going up against The Enforcers. Great ep, guys.

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