Lego Cuusoo: Ultra Pose-able Spider-Man

Lego Spidey

In 2008 the Lego Cuusoo website launched. The site allows its users to submit their ideas for future Lego products. The fan suggestions range from real world vehicles and landmarks, to film, video game and even comic book characters.

When a user submits an idea through the site, it is voted on by members of the community. Once a proposal reaches 10,000 likes, Lego will then consider putting the design into production. So far they have approved seven sets, including a model based on Doc Brown’s DeLorean from the Back to the Future series.

There are many comic book themed designs on the site, including this Spider-Man: Ultra Pose-able Action Figure (pictured). The figure designed by mmccooey, is one of many projects this designer has submitted for the site’s consideration. The articulate Spider-Man figure is currently at 1,573 likes on the site, and Lego officials have commented on its design:

“Like all of your (mmccooey’s) action figures, this one doesn’t fail to impress users with the skill you put into designing and building”

Lego has already released several Marvel themed play sets, are there any Spider-Man storylines or characters you would like to see immortalised in Lego? If so, get building…maybe a Daily Bugle Newsroom or George Washington Bridge set.


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  1. hornacek

    I'd like to see some sort of representation of trapped under the machinery/lifting it up from ASM #33

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