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  1. daniel kibler

    they officially cast bj novak as allistaire smythe aka THE SULTIMATE PIDER-SLAYER!!! HOw do you feel about that piece of news?

  2. Aziz

    Seriously? Villains see his face again? And know his name? I'm tired of this, I won't look forward to this movie, or any future Spider-Man movie. I will watch the movies of thiss series eventually, but I won't look forward to them

  3. jvl1031

    The Aunt May shenanigans scenes are falling a bit flat for me, but I'm liking what I see with Electro.

  4. Thrawn

    Looks friggin' amazing. It's no secret on these boards I don't care for the Raimi films, but I loved the remake. This one looks like it has the potential to deliver on all the promise of the first film. Of course, we'll see how the movie itself turned out on May 2nd. We've all seen amazing trailers only to be disappointed by the final product.

  5. Adam Tomlinson

    @2 That's a really clear explaination. If Marc Webb can deliver on this it will be a great film. I like the first one so am trying to stay up beat. -Adam

  6. Lockdown

    Electro will be the main villain and I like the idea of the rise and fall of the Green Goblin plan here. Marc Webb is going with minor play with the Rhino but in a way it is both relevant to the plot but also minor.

  7. PunyParker

    I liked this one a lot. 1.Spider-Man's a douche to Max.That's a good thing. :P 2.Gwen's so dead,it's not even funny. 3.Can't dig the Goblin.I want an accurate Norman/Goblin.Tried.Can't. 4.Electro's voice finally sounds cool. Overall,it was an awesome trailer.

  8. symbiotic spider

    #1 The real problem of Spider-man 3 wasn't too many villlains, it was bad writing. They tried to make all of them equally important to the plot, making the film feel unfocused. Marc Webb already said that Electro is indeed the main adversary, Rhino is a very small one, and Harry seems to be the secundary. Compare to The Dark Knight: Scarecrow/Rhino: Fought at the beggining, very little important to the plot. Joker/Electro: The main villain of the story Two-face/ProtoGoblin: Final villain, stays most of the film as his alter-ego (Sorry if its hard to understand. English is not my first language.)

  9. Adam Tomlinson

    Wow! Andrew Garfield is Peter Parker. I liked Tobey Maguire, but his Spider-Man didn't have this wise-ass side that Garfield portrays. My reservations come from things in this trailer that were also in Spider-Man 3. Crowds cheering for Spider-Man and too many villians. Sony seem afriad to do the public against Spider-Man story. Apart from JJJ and the villians everyone loves Spidey. I feel about Gwen's "fate", the same way I did Batman's in the Dark Knight Rises, the trailer all but confirms what we think. So will the film have a twist?

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