Lowe Replaces Wacker as Senior Editor




New York, NY (February 4th, 2014) – Marvel Entertainment is excited to announce that Nick Lowe will be the new Senior Editor of Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man related titles beginning this February.


After leading the X-Men through a Schism, a Revolution and a Battle, Nick Lowe is setting his sights on the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Working closely with the creative powerhouses of Dan Slott, Mark Waid, Warren Ellis, Humberto Ramos, Giuseppe Camuncoli and many more, Nick Lowe will be shepherding the books of the Spider-office as Marvel moves forward in this exhilarating year for Peter Parker and his amazing friends. 


“I’ve loved Spider-Man since I stole my brother’s Spidey comics back in the 90’s!” exclaims Senior Editor Nick Lowe. “It’s a huge honor to be working on Marvel’s most popular character. After ten years (!) I’m going to miss the X-Men, but I’m excited to join the incredible group of men and women working on books in the Spider-Man Office.”


“[Writer] Dan Slott is weaving an intricate web for Spider-Man in 2014, and I’m excited to see what Senior Editor Nick Lowe — a veteran of the X-Men titles — contributes to the line,” says EIC Axel Alonso.


Nick Lowe is just another outstanding talent continuing his visionary work with Marvel during the hugely successful All-New Marvel NOW! initiative – featuring bold new launches from some of the industry’s hottest creators.

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  1. Spider-Dad

    I hope Mr. Lowe can bring a more positive vibe to the series online with the fans and not to antagonize some. I like this changing of the guard, hopefully it will change for the better or at least get Peter back as Spider-Man, not the current imposter.Oh, I and I miss the marriage...

  2. hornacek

    Even if Lowe isn't gonna bring back the marriage, as a reader from the 90s when he talks about Mary Jane he can say "I knew the bride."

  3. George Berryman

    Axel still pulls the strings and he's as committed to a single Peter as Quesada is. Bringing in a 90's fan as editor does not mean they're bringing the marriage back. Quesada worked far too hard to fix what wasn't broken & wreck it. It's not coming back anytime soon.My hopes for Lowe are that he can keep up production (which I've no doubt he can) and that he doesn't go out of his way to antagonize readers & fans. There's a chance here for a more positive dialogue. It starts with Nick Lowe. I will remain optimistic.

  4. Big John

    @10 I was thinking that just the other day when I was reading an old issue and lamenting the loss of the marriage. When Joey Q and the current Marvel regime were reading Spidey-books it was during the 70s and 80s when Peter was unmarried. Now I know that Brad and JR, who have voiced their support of a married Pete, were reading at that time too, but maybe OMD was in part a way of recapturing the Spidey of their youth for Joey Q and co.In that vein, maybe now that some of me, Zach, Kevin, and the like's generation is starting to work for Marvel, we'll see some creators who would like to see the marriage restored.Sorry to make this all about that touchy subject, but Lowe's appointment honestly made me think of this.

  5. Erik

    I've heard nothing but raves about Waid's Daredevil although I've never gotten around to checking out. However, I have REALLY disliked the way he has written Spidey. Any spidey book he's a regular on would never see my money.

  6. Big John

    Yaknow, Waid is one of those writers whose quality varies depending on the character he's writing. I think his Daredevil is pretty great. His Hulk is cool. But his Spider-Man's terrible. I really didn't care for any of his BND stories, except for "Unscheduled Stop" and Electro's Gauntlet story, and that's only because of Marcos Martin and because I liked that approach to Electro (as kind of a blue-collar anti-hero), not necessarily Spider-Man.

  7. hornacek

    Yeah, Waid did such a great job writing Spidey in that crossover with Daredevil.I'll just show myself out now.

  8. PunyParker

    @5 Yeah,would be nice......again,Waid's doing the Family Bussines graphic Novel...so here's some Spidey.

  9. Nick MB

    @1 I think Waid's Daredevil and Ellis's Moon Knight are from the former-Wacker office? But I'd be pretty pleased if this was an accidental leak and either of them is doing some Spidey.

  10. Adam Tomlinson

    Honestly I thought it would Mike Marts, after he agreed to come over to Marvel last week. I was excited as I liked how Marts ran the Batman books, (pre-new52 at least). Secretly I hoped it would be our chance for a Scott Snyder Spider-Man.However I'm confident Nick Lowe is a good choice. I recently read the collected edition of Battle for the Atom, and he was able to wrangle numerous writers and artists and tell a coherent story, despite the plot spanning multiple series and timelines. What more could you wish from an editor?If that wasn't all, he's help cultivate some ground breaking, if not financially rewarding, series like Nextwave and Runaways and from what I've seen his interactions with the fan community has always been positive.

  11. PunyParker

    At least he seem to love Peter Parker.....so he won't be dying any soon. And yeah,the least they could do is to get them back together as a couple.

  12. PunyParker

    Waid?... Ellis?....What are THEY writing?!Just remembered Waid is writing the graphic novel....but...only that!....why does he need to WORK with him. And where's Yost!?

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